A Longitudinal Study of Brain Activation during Stroke Recovery using BOLD-fMRI

Wang, Ping ;   Chen, Zengai ;   Cheng, Lin ;   Xu, Qun ;   Lu, Qing ;   Xu, Jianrong ;   Li, Yao ;   Tong, Shanbao

Tags Neurological disorders – StrokeBrain functional imagingNeural interfaces – Neuroimaging

Stroke recovery involves a battery of plastic changes in the brain. Blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) functional magnetic resonance imaging...

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A Novel Approach for Detection of Medial Temporal Discharges using Blind Source Separation Incorporating Dictionary Look Up

Shapoori, Shahrzad ;   Sanei, Saeid ;   Wang, Wenwu

Tags Neurological disorders – EpilepsyNeural signal processing – Blind source separation

In blind source separation (BSS), sparsity is proved to be very advantageous. If data is not sparse in its current domain, it can be modelled...

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Current Perception Threshold through Sinusoidal Electrical Stimulation at Different Frequencies in a Comparative Assessment for Subjects Affected and Non-Affected by Diabetes Mellitus

Oliveira, Franassis Barbosa ;   Fachin-Martins, Emerson ;   Couto-Paz, Clarissa Cardoso dos Santos ;   Martins, Henrique Resende ;   Tierra-Criollo, Carlos Julio ;   Azevedo-Coste, Christine

Tags Neurological disorders – Diagnostic and evaluation techniquesClinical neurophysiologyNeural interfaces – Neural stimulation

Evidence of Current Perception Threshold (CPT) to assess neural fiber function in healthy subjects suggests greater discrimination for...

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Expansion of Contralesional Sensory Representation to Ipsilesional Hindlimb Stimulation in Acute Phase of Ischemic Stroke

He, Yongzhi ;   Guo, Xiaoli ;   Li, Yao ;   Lu, Hongyang ;   Tong, Shanbao

Tags Neurological disorders – StrokeBrain functional imaging

Stroke, a common brain injury, could result in both structural and functional impairments. Sensory remapping has been thought to play a...

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Fatigue-Related Alterations to Intra-Muscular Coherence

McManus, Lara ;   Hu, Xiaogang ;   Rymer, William Zev ;   Suresh, Nina ;   Lowery, Madeleine

Tags Motor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsNeural signal processingClinical neurophysiology

Oscillations in the alpha (8-12 Hz), beta (15-35 Hz) and gamma (35-60 Hz) frequency bands are commonly observed in recordings from the...

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Gene Reactivation Diminishes Delta-Modulated High Frequency Oscillations during Seizure-Like Events in Mecp2-Deficient Mice

Colic, Sinisa ;   Lang, Min ;   Wither, Rob ;   Zhang, Liang ;   Eubanks, James ;   Bardakjian, Berj Luther

Tags Neurological disorders – EpilepsyNeural signal processing – Time frequency analysisNeurological disorders

Genetically modified Mecp2-deficient mice provide a unique model of epilepsy associated with Rett syndrome. Examination of intracranial...

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Low-Intensity Local Direct Current Modulates Interictal Discharges in Mtle: Computational and Experimental Insights

Mina, Faten ;   Benquet, Pascal ;   Dieuset, Gabriel ;   Wendling, Fabrice

Tags Deep brain stimulationNeural interfaces – Computational modeling and simulationNeurological disorders – Epilepsy

Low intensity Local Direct Current Stimulation (LDCS) is an electrical stimulation technique that has been poorly investigated in vivo in the...

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The Influence of Stimulation Parameters on the Phase Clustering Index

Somerlik-Fuchs, Karin H ;   Hofmann, Ulrich G. ;   Stieglitz, Thomas ;   Schulze-Bonhage, Andreas

Tags Neurological disorders – EpilepsyDeep brain stimulationNeural signal processing

For most people suffering from epilepsy the unpredictability of their spontaneous seizures considerably contributes to the burden of their...

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