Affective State Characterization based on Electroencephalography Graph-Theoretic Features

Gupta, Rishabh ;   Falk, Tiago

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural signal processingBrain physiology and modeling

Affective states are typically characterized using spectral power information obtained from electroencephalography (EEG) data collected over...

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Classification of Phases of Hand Grasp Task by the Extraction of Miniature Compound Nerve Action Potentials (mCNAPs)

Sheshadri, Swathi ;   Kortelainen, Jukka ;   Rigosa, Jacopo ;   Cutrone, Annarita ;   Bossi, Silvia ;   Libedinsky, Camilo ;   Lahari, Amitabha ;   Chan, Louiza ;   Chng, Keefe ;   Thakor, Nitish ;   Delgado-Martínez, Ignacio ;   Yen, Shih-Cheng

Tags Neural signal processingNeural interfaces – Implantable systemsMotor neuroprostheses – Prostheses

Interfacing of the nervous system to restore functional motor activity is a promising therapy to combine the classical surgical repair of...

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Exploring the Limit of ENG Spatio-Temporal Filtering for Velocity-Selectivity

Abdallah, Mariam ;   Rossel, Olivier ;   Bernard, Serge ;   Soulier, Fabien ;   Cathebras, Guy

Tags Neural signal processing – Time frequency analysisNeural signal processingNeural interfaces – Implantable systems

The task of distinguishing nerve type for the activity acquired using the multi-electrode cuff presents a big interest in the possible...

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High Compression Rate and Efficient Spikes Detection System using Compressed Sensing Technique for Neural Signal Processing

Li, Nan ;   Sawan, Mohamad

Tags Neural signal processing

We design a digital neural signal compression and spikes detection system using compressed sensing technique and root-mean-square method...

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Investigation of the Spatial and Spectral Patterns of Hand Extension/Flexion using High-Density ECoG

Jiang, Tianxiao ;   Ince, Nuri Firat ;   Jiang, Tao ;   Mei, Shenshen ;   Li, Yunlin ;   Xiaofei, Wang ;   Sha, Zhiyi ;   Sujit, Prabhu

Tags Neural signal processing – Time frequency analysis

High density electrocorticogram (ECoG) of motor cortex was recorded during awake surgeries of two subjects with respectively epilepsy and...

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Probe-Independent EEG Assessment of Mental Workload in Pilots

Johnson, Michael ;   Blanco, Justin ;   Gentili, Rodolphe ;   Jaquess, Kyle ;   Oh, Hyuk ;   Hatfield, Bradley

Tags Neural signal processingBrain-computer/machine interfaceHuman performance – Cognition

Existing approaches for quantifying mental workload using electroencephalography often rely on probe stimuli to elicit stereotyped neural...

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