Accurate Neuronal Tracing of Microelectrodes based on PEDOT-Dye Coatings

Heizmann, Stefanie ;   Kilias, Antje ;   Okujeni, Samora ;   Boehler, Christian ;   Ruther, Patrick ;   Egert, Ulrich ;   Asplund, Maria

Tags Neural interfaces – BiomaterialsNeural interfaces – Neural microsystems and interface engineeringNeural interfaces – Implantable systems

Penetrating microelectrode probes offer the opportunity to precisely monitor neuronal signals over several months. After the experimental...

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An Intrafascicular Electrode with Integrated Amplifiers for Peripheral Nerve Recording

Ng, Kian Ann ;   Cutrone, Annarita ;   Bossi, Silvia ;   Nag, Sudip ;   Delgado-Martínez, Ignacio ;   Sheshadri, Swathi ;   Poulard, Claire A ;   Xu, Yong Ping ;   Yen, Shih-Cheng ;   Thakor, Nitish

Tags Neural interfaces – Neural microsystems and interface engineeringNeural interfaces – Implantable systemsNeural interfaces – Sensors and body interfaces

Thin-film longitudinal intrafascicular electrodes (tf-LIFE) are widely used for peripheral nerve recordings. tf-LIFEs are also promising...

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Decreasing Stimulation Charge by Delaying the Discharge Phase – Comparison of Efficacy for Various Stimulation Waveforms

Maciejasz, Pawel ;   Badia, Jordi ;   Souquet, Guillaume ;   Cvancara, Paul ;   Picq, Chloé ;   Stieglitz, Thomas ;   Navarro, Xavier ;   Guiraud, David

Tags Neural interfaces – Neural stimulationNeural interfaces – Implantable systemsNeural interfaces – Microelectrode and fabrication technologies

For chronic stimulation of nerve fibers, only charge balanced waveforms should be used. However, if the charge recuperation phase comes...

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Modeling the Response of Small Myelinated and Unmyelinated Axons to Kilohertz Frequency Signals

Pelot, Nicole Amelia ;   Behrend, Christina ;   Grill, Warren

Tags Neural interfaces – Computational modeling and simulationNeural interfaces – Neural stimulation

The effects of kilohertz frequency signals on action potential conduction in small myelinated (1 to 5.7 um diameter) and unmyelinated axons...

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Nanostructured Microsphere Coated with Living Cells and Tethered with Low-Stiffness Wire: A Possible Solution to Brain Tissue Reactions

Castagnola, Elisa ;   De Faveri, Sara ;   Ansaldo, Alberto ;   Maggiolini, Emma ;   Benfenati, Fabio ;   Ricci, Davide ;   Fadiga, Luciano

Tags Neural interfaces – Microelectrode and fabrication technologiesNeural interfaces – Biomaterials

The long term stability of the interface between neural tissue and implanted microelectrodes is very important both for research and clinical...

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Semi-Chronic Chamber System for Simultaneous Subdural Electrocorticography, Local Field Potentials, and Spike Recordings

Orsborn, Amy ;   Wang, Charles ;   Chiang, Ken Chia-Han ;   Maharbiz, Michel ;   Viventi, Jonathan ;   Pesaran, Bijan

Tags Neural interfaces – Implantable systemsNeural interfaces – Neural microsystems and interface engineeringNeural signal processing

The brain operates on many different scales, from individual neurons to interacting cortical areas. Similarly, electrophysiology can monitor...

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