A Fabrication Platform for Stretchable Electronic Medical Devices

Savov, Angel ;   Khoshfetrat Pakazad, Saeed ;   Joshi, Shivani ;   Henneken, Vincent ;   Dekker, Ronald

Tags MicrofabricationBioMEMSLab-on-Chip

A CMOS compatible post-processing technology for the fabrication of high-density stretchable electronic circuits is demonstrated. The...

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A Microfluidic Platform for Quantitative Analysis of Cancer Angiogenesis and Intravasation

Lee, Hyunjae ;   Park, Woohyun ;   Ryu, Hyunryul ;   Jeon, Noo Li

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-Chip

Understanding the mechanism behind cancer metastasis is a major challenge in cancer biology. Several in vitro models have been developed to...

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A Microfluidic Platform to Study and Modulate the Blood-Brain Barrier

van der Helm, Marieke Willemijn ;   Frimat, Jean-Philippe ;   Odijk, Mathieu ;   van den Berg, Albert ;   Segerink, Loes Irene

Tags Lab-on-ChipBioMEMSMicrofluidics

A simple yet predictive model of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is required to help drug development and improve the understanding of the...

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All-Polymer, High-Aspect-Ratio, Soft Lithography

Bubendorfer, Andrea ;   Best, Andrew ;   Arnold, William Michael

Tags MicrofabricationLab-on-ChipBioMEMS

Microfluidic ?chips? are commonly produced by molding or embossing from master structures: the masters need to be able to withstand many...

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An Integrated Bubble Trap for Continuous Removal of Gas Bubbles from Microfluidic Chips

Dokmeci, Mehmet R. ;   Zhang, Yu Shrike ;   Chae, Sukyoung ;   Polini, Alessandro ;   Khademhosseini, Ali

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-Chip

In this paper we present a miniature bubble trap for efficient removal of bubbles from microfluidic reactors. The new bubble trap has a 10 mm...

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Diabetachip: Organ-on-Chip for a Novel Cell-Based Biosensor in Pretransplantation Quality Control and in Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Raoux, Matthieu ;   Lebreton, Fanny ;   Pedraza, Eileen ;   Bornat, Yannick ;   Floderer, Jean-Baptiste ;   Catargi, Bogdan ;   Renaud, Sylvie ;   Lang, Jochen

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-ChipGlobal health

Continuous glucose monitoring sensors only recognize glucose but no other hormones, they can therefore not work as a closed loop and...

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Effect of the Flexural Rigidity of a Piezoelectric Thin-Film on the Neonatal Rat Cardiomyocytes Maturation

Hsu, Yu-Hsiang ;   Lin, Yu-Huan ;   Chou, Han-Yi E. ;   Chen, Li-Yu ;   Shen, Jia-Wei

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-ChipTissue engineering

In this paper, a piezoelectric Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) transducer for the mechanical detection of cardiomycytes is presented. In order...

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Experimental Analysis of Temperature Dependent Ultrasound Microbeam Trapping Mechanism of Biocompatible Microdroplet by Dual Element Focused Ultrasonic Transducer

Hwang, Jae Youn ;   Lee, Jungwoo

Tags BionanotechnologyBioMEMSMicrofabrication

An experimental study is carried out by using a 20/40 MHz LiNbO3 dual element focused transducer to examine the quantitative relation...

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HUVEC-MSC Interactions in the Initiation of Capillary Network Formation

Uwamori, Hiroyuki ;   Sudo, Ryo

Tags Tissue engineeringBioMEMSMicrofluidics

There is a demand for construction of functional capillaries in the field of tissue engineering. However, the mechanism of such capillary...

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Mechanical Force Induced Transition of Cell Protrusions from Blebs to Lamellipodia

Yeh, Chuan-Feng ;   Juang, Duane ;   Hsu, Chia-Hsien

Tags MicrofabricationLab-on-ChipBioMEMS

Cancer cells exhibit highly diverse types of membrane protrusions during metastasis and invasion1. Both chemical2 and physical signals in the...

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Microfluidic Design Advances

Herr, Amy

Tags MicrofluidicsLab-on-ChipBioMEMS

Microfluidic technology has advanced separations science, yet progress in multi-stage electrophoretic separations has lagged. Accepted...

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Microfluidic Neuron: A Neuromimetic Approach to Interact with Biological Neurons

Levi, Timothee ;   Araki, Ayako ;   Fujii, Teruo

Tags MicrofluidicsBioMEMSLab-on-Chip

This article deals with the design of a new microfluidic device which reproduces the electrical behavior of one biological neuron. The main goal...

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Microfluidic Neuronal Cell-Culture Device for Continuous Measurement of Neurotransmitters Upon Stimulations

Talaei, Sara ;   Simi, Alessandro ;   Bosca, Alessandro ;   Berdondini, Luca ;   van der Wal, Peter D. ;   de Rooij, Nico F.

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-ChipMicrofluidics

We present a compartmentalized neuronal cell-culture device that provides the possibility of obtaining samples directly from the synaptic...

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Microphysiological Systems of Cardiac and Tumor Tissue Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

George, Steven

Tags Tissue engineeringBioMEMSStem cells

Cancer remains a leading cause of mortality in the United States, and world wide. There remains a need to develop new therapeutic options....

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MIDAS – MIcrofluidics Detection Using Acoustic Spectroscopy

Sherman, Samuel ;   Anstett, Florent ;   Napoli, Maria ;   Bamieh, Bassam ;   Turner, Kimberly ;   Pennathur, Sumita

Tags BioMEMSMicrofluidicsLab-on-Chip

We propose a novel, microfluidics-based device that senses biomolecular markers and viscoelastic properties of relevant bodily fluids by...

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NeuroChip: Bottoms Up Discovery Platform for Neuronal Development and Disorders

Thakor, Nitish

Tags Lab-on-ChipBioMEMSTissue engineering

The NeuroChip platform enables isolation and patterning of neuronal constituents (soma, axons, neurites) as well as co-culture of...

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Styrofoam for Rapid Fabrication of Biosensors with Tunable Sensitivity and Limit of Detection

Talaei, Sara ;   van der Wal, Peter D. ;   de Rooij, Nico F.

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-ChipMicrofluidics

We present a rapid approach for fabrication of amperometric enzyme-based biosensors. The enzyme immobilization is done in one step by...

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Temperature Dependence of Scanning Angle Frequency Response of Electrostatic Comb-Actuated Micro-Scanner

Ikeda, Kentaro ;   Okazaki, Koji ;   Ishikawa, Noriaki ;   Sawada, Renshi

Tags BioMEMSNanotechnology

We have investigated the temperature dependence of scanning angle frequency response of the electrostatic comb-actuated micro-scanner...

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Three Dimensional Microfluidic Model to Investigate Synergism of Biomechanical and Biochemical Factors on Angiogenic Sprouting

Chung, Minhwan ;   Ahn, Jungho ;   Kim, Sudong ;   Lee, Hyunjae ;   Jeon, Noo Li

Tags BioMEMSTissue engineering

Interstitial fluid is composing more than 20 % of our body fluid, making creeping but constant flow called interstitial flow (IF) through the...

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