Advance Diagnostic and Sample Preparation Platform for Biosurveillance

Jebrail, Mais ;   Sinha, Anupma ;   Renzi, Ron ;   Bartsch, Micheal ;   Van De Vreugde, Jim ;   Branda, Steven ;   Patel, Kamlesh

Tags Global healthPoint-of-careMicrofluidics

We report on our work to develop a forward-deployed sample preparation and diagnostic platform to safely and consistently process infected...

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Bioluminescence Verification for Droplets Mixing Device Using Electro-Conjugate Fluid

Kobayashi, Kiho ;   Takemura, Kenjiro ;   Yokota, Shinichi ;   Edamura, Kazuya

Tags Lab-on-ChipMicrofluidicsPoint-of-care

Our previous study proposed a mixing device for droplet µTAS using an electro-conjugate fluid. An ECF is a type of functional fluid that...

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Charge Coupled pH Monitoring in Thin-Film Dual-Gated ISFETs

Duarte-Guevara, Carlos ;   Lai, Fei-Lung ;   Reddy, Bobby ;   Salm, Eric ;   Vilasur Swaminathan, Vikhram ;   Liu, Yi-Shao ;   Bashir, Rashid

Tags DiagnosticsLab-on-ChipPoint-of-care

Reference electrodes, that are required for the operation of ion-sensitive field-effect transistors, are unreliable and too large for droplet...

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Detection of PCR Amplification by Top-Down Silicon Nanowires Field Effect Transistors

Accastelli, Enrico ;   Spiga, Fabio Mario ;   Ernst, Thomas ;   Guiducci, Carlotta

Tags Point-of-careMicrofabricationLab-on-Chip

We propose the implementation of PCR system measuring DNA amplification by using top-down, CMOS compatible SiNWs. The DNA amplification cycles...

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Digital Drug Dosing: Dosing in Drug Assays by Light-Defined Volumes of Hydrogels with Embedded Drug-Loaded Nanoparticles

Faralli, Adele ;   Melander, Fredrik ;   Larsen, Esben Kjær Unmack ;   Andresen, Thomas Lars ;   Larsen, Niels Bent

Tags DiagnosticsBionanotechnologyPoint-of-care

Polyethylene glycol (PEG)-based hydrogels are widely used for biomedical applications, including matrices for controlled drug release. We...

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Electrochemical Sensors for Point-of-Care Metal Determination

Kang, Wenjing ;   Pei, Xing ;   Rusinek, Cory ;   Bange, Adam ;   Haynes, Erin ;   Heineman, William ;   Papautsky, Ian

Tags Point-of-careDiagnosticsGlobal health

In this work, we report on development of a sensor for electrochemical determination of heavy metals. Our sensor features a new, low-cost...

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Flexible Microfluidics for CD4+ T-Cell Capture and Counting

Asghar, Waseem ;   Yuksekkaya, Mehmet ;   H. Zhang, Michael ;   shafiee, Hadi ;   Demirci, Utkan

Tags Global healthMicrofluidicsPoint-of-care

There is a significant interest in developing disposable and inexpensive platforms for disease diagnostic and monitoring at point of care (POC)...

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Graphene-Coated Textile Sensors for Intelligent Medical Garments

Elboshra, Tamador ;   Abdul Samad, Yarjan ;   Li, Yuanqing ;   Liao, Kin ;   Yapici, Murat Kaya

Tags NanotechnologyPoint-of-careGlobal health

This paper reports, for the first time, graphene-coated textile electrodes for biosignal acquisition which can be scaled-up to realize wearable...

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HemeChip for Early Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease in Newborns

Alapan, Yunus ;   Ung, Ryan ;   Romelfanger, Megan ;   Piccone, Connie ;   Little, Jane ;   Gurkan, Umut A.

Tags DiagnosticsPoint-of-careLab-on-Chip

More than 800 children are born with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) every day in Africa, and more than half of them die in childhood due to lack of...

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In Vitro Evaluation of Catheter Design for an Implantable Solid Drug Delivery Pump

Shahhaidar, Ehsaneh ;   Horlen, Kyle ;   Morales, Mercedes ;   Spehr, Paul ;   Morgan, Philip ;   Imran, Mir ;   Fischer, Elmar ;   Schaefbauer, Alyssa ;   Beraki, Simret

Tags Point-of-careMicrofluidicsMicrofabrication

A fully implantable automatic solid drug delivery device offers unique treatment options to patients suffering from chronic conditions. One...

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Integrated Respiratory Signal Monitoring and Apnea Detection System Using Pyroelectric Sensor

Mahbub, Ifana ;   Pullano, Salvatore A. ;   Ruberto, Francesco ;   Hasan, Md Sakib ;   Farhan, Quaiyum ;   Christopher P., Stephens ;   Gary, To ;   Syed Kamrul, Islam ;   Fiorillo, Antonino S. ;   Mark S., Gaylord ;   Vichien, Lorch

Tags Global healthDiagnosticsPoint-of-care

The paper presents a fully integrated system for apnea detection of neonatal infants. Apnea has been one of the leading causes of death in...

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Portable Smartphone-Enabled DNA Analysis for POC Diagnostics

Ugaz, Victor

Tags Point-of-careGlobal healthMicrofluidics

The lack of affordable, rapid, and easy to use POC diagnostic technologies is one of the most critical issues confronting global public health....

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Probing Biophysical Characteristics of Red Blood Cells in Microvasculature Mimicking Microfluidic Channels

Alapan, Yunus ;   Little, Jane ;   Gurkan, Umut A.

Tags MicrofluidicsLab-on-ChipPoint-of-care

Red blood cell (RBC) adhesion and deformability are critical biophysical factors in vaso-occlusion and correlate with sickle cell disease (SCD)...

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Programmable Microfluidic Digital Logic for the Autonomous Lab-on-a-Chip

Ahrar, Siavash ;   Duncan, Philip ;   Raje, Manasi ;   Hui, Elliot

Tags MicrofluidicsLab-on-ChipPoint-of-care

We present sequential logic circuits implemented in microfluidics rather than electronics. A programmable finite state machine was constructed...

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Real-Time Detection and Closed Loop Feedback of Biomolecules in Live Animals

Soh, H. Tom

Tags DiagnosticsPoint-of-careMicrofluidics

A biosensor capable of continuously measuring specific molecules in the bloodstream in vivo would give clinicians a valuable window into...

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Roll-to-Roll Shrink-Induced Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Enhanced Point-of-Care Detection in Urine

McLane, Jolie ;   Wu, Chun ;   Liedert, Ralph ;   Khine, Michelle

Tags Point-of-careDiagnosticsBionanotechnology

Superhydrophobic (SH) features have been created in hard plastic by depositing metal on shrink film. These features are scaled up for...

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