A Magnetic Microparticle Capture and Liposome-Based Impedance Sensing Device for Detection of Viruses in Blood

Damhorst, Gregory ;   Sobieraj, Magdalena ;   Chaves, Rodrigo ;   Kooiman, Jonathan ;   Smith, Cartney ;   Kong, Hyunjoon ;   Bashir, Rashid

Tags Global healthMicrofluidicsDiagnostics

Low-cost, rapid detection of viruses in blood at the point-of-care remains a challenge and an unmet global need in the management of a...

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Advance Diagnostic and Sample Preparation Platform for Biosurveillance

Jebrail, Mais ;   Sinha, Anupma ;   Renzi, Ron ;   Bartsch, Micheal ;   Van De Vreugde, Jim ;   Branda, Steven ;   Patel, Kamlesh

Tags Global healthPoint-of-careMicrofluidics

We report on our work to develop a forward-deployed sample preparation and diagnostic platform to safely and consistently process infected...

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Continuous Monitoring of Bacteria in Drinking Water

Svendsen, Winnie E ;   Bertelsen, Christian Vinther ;   Skands, Gustav ;   Dimaki, Maria ;   Clausen, Casper Hyttel

Tags NanotechnologyGlobal healthMicrofluidics

Real-time continuous monitoring of bacteria concentrations in drinking water is of great importance in drinking water management. The methods...

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Democratization of Next-Generation Imaging, Diagnostics and Measurement Tools through Computational Photonics

Ozcan, Aydogan

Tags Global healthBionanotechnologyDiagnostics

My research focuses on the use of computation/algorithms to create new optical microscopy, sensing, and diagnostic techniques, significantly...

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Development of a Portable, Automated, and Multiplexed Diagnostics Platform Using Photonic Crystal Enhanced Fluorescence Assays

Cunningham, Brian

Tags Global health

Photonic crystal enhanced fluorescence (PCEF) has been demonstrated as an effective approach for magnifying the output of any...

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Diabetachip: Organ-on-Chip for a Novel Cell-Based Biosensor in Pretransplantation Quality Control and in Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Raoux, Matthieu ;   Lebreton, Fanny ;   Pedraza, Eileen ;   Bornat, Yannick ;   Floderer, Jean-Baptiste ;   Catargi, Bogdan ;   Renaud, Sylvie ;   Lang, Jochen

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-ChipGlobal health

Continuous glucose monitoring sensors only recognize glucose but no other hormones, they can therefore not work as a closed loop and...

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Electrochemical Sensors for Point-of-Care Metal Determination

Kang, Wenjing ;   Pei, Xing ;   Rusinek, Cory ;   Bange, Adam ;   Haynes, Erin ;   Heineman, William ;   Papautsky, Ian

Tags Point-of-careDiagnosticsGlobal health

In this work, we report on development of a sensor for electrochemical determination of heavy metals. Our sensor features a new, low-cost...

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Encapusulation of Natural Synthesized Novel Nutraceutical Biomolecules

Kermasha, Selim ;   Aziz, Sarya

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyGlobal health

There has been growing evidence supporting the nutritional benefits of long-chain n-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids (ω-3-PUFAs), in...

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Exploring New Approaches to Sequencing DNA Using Nanopores

Aksimentiev, Oleksii

Tags Global health

It has been suggested that the sequence of a DNA strand can be read by using an electric field to thread the DNA strand through a...

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Flexible Microfluidics for CD4+ T-Cell Capture and Counting

Asghar, Waseem ;   Yuksekkaya, Mehmet ;   H. Zhang, Michael ;   shafiee, Hadi ;   Demirci, Utkan

Tags Global healthMicrofluidicsPoint-of-care

There is a significant interest in developing disposable and inexpensive platforms for disease diagnostic and monitoring at point of care (POC)...

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Formation of Oxidative DNA Damage Corresponds to the Long Term Survival of Human Cells Treated with Nanosilver

Kapka-Skrzypczak, Lucyna ;   Gradzka, Iwona ;   Bartlomiejczyk, Teresa ;   Chwastowska, Jadwiga ;   Sommer, Sylwester ;   Grzelak, Agnieszka ;   Zuberek, Mariusz ;   Lankoff, Anna ;   Wojewódzka, Maria ;   Kruszewski, Marcin

Tags NanomedicineGlobal healthBionanotechnology

A clonogenic potential of 3 human cell lines, HepG2, HT29 and A549, treated with bare 20 nm or 200 nm silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) was...

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Graphene-Coated Textile Sensors for Intelligent Medical Garments

Elboshra, Tamador ;   Abdul Samad, Yarjan ;   Li, Yuanqing ;   Liao, Kin ;   Yapici, Murat Kaya

Tags NanotechnologyPoint-of-careGlobal health

This paper reports, for the first time, graphene-coated textile electrodes for biosignal acquisition which can be scaled-up to realize wearable...

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Hybrid Bio-Synthetic Gene Therapy Vector Development for Next Generation Vaccines

Jones, Charles ;   Ravikrishnan, Anitha ;   Chen, Mingfu ;   Reddinger, Ryan ;   Ahmadi, Mahmoud ;   Rane, Snehal ;   Hakansson, Anders ;   Pfeifer, Blaine

Tags BionanotechnologyNanomedicineGlobal health

Vaccination is a powerful means of pre-empting or treating disease. The process depends on successful recognition of a foreign entity (an...

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Hybrid Biological-Biomaterial Gene Delivery Vector Development and Dual Engineering Potential

Pfeifer, Blaine ;   Jones, Charles ;   Hakansson, Anders

Tags Global health

Genetic vaccines offer a treatment opportunity based upon successful gene delivery to specific immune cell modulators. Driving the process is...

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Integrated Respiratory Signal Monitoring and Apnea Detection System Using Pyroelectric Sensor

Mahbub, Ifana ;   Pullano, Salvatore A. ;   Ruberto, Francesco ;   Hasan, Md Sakib ;   Farhan, Quaiyum ;   Christopher P., Stephens ;   Gary, To ;   Syed Kamrul, Islam ;   Fiorillo, Antonino S. ;   Mark S., Gaylord ;   Vichien, Lorch

Tags Global healthDiagnosticsPoint-of-care

The paper presents a fully integrated system for apnea detection of neonatal infants. Apnea has been one of the leading causes of death in...

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Non-Invasive Genetic Characterization of Bladder Cancer Using Urine Samples towards Improved Clinical Management of Patients

Raillon, Camille ;   Derré, Laurent ;   Nardelli Haefliger, Denise ;   Jichlinski, Patrice ;   Schoumans, Jacqueline

Tags DiagnosticsMicrofabricationGlobal health

The goal of this study is both to detect and follow bladder cancer patients using a non-invasive genetic test. Our hypothesis is that urine...

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Portable Smartphone-Enabled DNA Analysis for POC Diagnostics

Ugaz, Victor

Tags Point-of-careGlobal healthMicrofluidics

The lack of affordable, rapid, and easy to use POC diagnostic technologies is one of the most critical issues confronting global public health....

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The Expression of NF-kB Related Genes in Response to Nanosilver is Cell Type Specific and Related to the Basal Activity of NF-kB

Kruszewski, Marcin ;   Stepkowski, Tomasz M. ;   Brzóska, Kamil ;   Kapka-Skrzypczak, Lucyna

Tags NanomedicineGlobal healthBionanotechnology

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are widely used in medicine and industry, but the recent evidence for their cytotoxicity rise a concern about...

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Towards a Scalable Biomimetic Antibacterial Coating

Dickson, Mary Nora ;   Liang, Elena ;   Vollereaux, Nicolas ;   Yee, Albert

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyGlobal health

This work presents proof of concept that a biomimetic nanostructured surface can kill bacteria upon adhesion, without the use of chemical...

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