A Separated Carbon Nanotube Synapse

Lee, Rebecca K. ;   Zhang, Jialu ;   Parker, Alice ;   Zhou, Chongwu

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnology

A simple biomimetic synapse circuit has been fabricated using separated carbon nanotube transistors. Experimental results show that the...

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Assessments of T-Nanowire Transistor Assay for Clinical Diabetic Nephropathy

Mao, Yufei ;   Shin, Kyeong-Sik ;   Nicholas, Susanne ;   Chui, Chi On

Tags DiagnosticsLab-on-ChipBionanotechnology

For the first time, we assessed the amplifying T-nanowire transistor assay in quantitating a key diabetic kidney disease (DKD) urinary...

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Brain Stem Cell Interaction with Nanostructured Poly-Si/Pt Surfaces

Bérces, Zsófia ;   Horváth, Ágoston Csaba ;   Jády, Attila Gyula ;   Pongrácz, Anita ;   Madarász, Emília ;   Fekete, Zoltán

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyMicrofabrication

In this work, we investigate the biocompatibility of platinized poly-silicon surfaces with different nanoscale textures using NE-4C cell culture....

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Comparative Transfection of DNA by AuPAMAM Nanoparticles

Figueroa, Elizabeth ;   Yan, Stepehn ;   Chamberlain-Simon, Nicolette ;   Chen, Allen ;   Drezek, Rebekah

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyNanomedicine

In this study, we decipher differences in gene delivery by cationic gold-polyamidoamine nanoparticle (AuPAMAM) vectors in easy- and...

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Cytodetachment Technique Using Ultrasonic Vibration

Kurashina, Yuta ;   Takemura, Kenjiro ;   Miyata, Shogo ;   Komotori, Jun ;   Koyama, Tadayoshi

Tags BionanotechnologyMicrofabricationTissue engineering

Ultrasonic vibration is often used in tissue engineering, for example, to provide effective mechanical stimuli for cell growth. This study aims...

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Democratization of Next-Generation Imaging, Diagnostics and Measurement Tools through Computational Photonics

Ozcan, Aydogan

Tags Global healthBionanotechnologyDiagnostics

My research focuses on the use of computation/algorithms to create new optical microscopy, sensing, and diagnostic techniques, significantly...

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Development of Nanodiamond-Based Platform for Enhanced Cancer Stem Cell Therapy and Cancer Imaging

Wang, Xin ;   Moore, Laura ;   Ho, Dean ;   Chow, Edward

Tags NanomedicineBionanotechnologyNanotechnology

Cancers are often composed of heterogenous tumor cell populations. It is evident now that for many cancers, a specific subpopulation of...

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Digital Drug Dosing: Dosing in Drug Assays by Light-Defined Volumes of Hydrogels with Embedded Drug-Loaded Nanoparticles

Faralli, Adele ;   Melander, Fredrik ;   Larsen, Esben Kjær Unmack ;   Andresen, Thomas Lars ;   Larsen, Niels Bent

Tags DiagnosticsBionanotechnologyPoint-of-care

Polyethylene glycol (PEG)-based hydrogels are widely used for biomedical applications, including matrices for controlled drug release. We...

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Effect on Invasive Capacity of Cancer Cell Spheroid Co-Cultured with Vascular Endothelial Cell Network Using In Vitro 3D Patterning Model

Yamamoto, Shuhei ;   Okochi, Mina ;   Honda, Hiroyuki

Tags BionanotechnologyTissue engineering

In vitro three dimensional (3D) cancer models were developed to observe the invasive capacity of cancer cell spheroids co-cultured with the...

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Encapusulation of Natural Synthesized Novel Nutraceutical Biomolecules

Kermasha, Selim ;   Aziz, Sarya

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyGlobal health

There has been growing evidence supporting the nutritional benefits of long-chain n-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids (ω-3-PUFAs), in...

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Experimental Analysis of Temperature Dependent Ultrasound Microbeam Trapping Mechanism of Biocompatible Microdroplet by Dual Element Focused Ultrasonic Transducer

Hwang, Jae Youn ;   Lee, Jungwoo

Tags BionanotechnologyBioMEMSMicrofabrication

An experimental study is carried out by using a 20/40 MHz LiNbO3 dual element focused transducer to examine the quantitative relation...

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Flexible, Printable, and Biocompatible CNT-Based Conductive Ink for Fabrication of Supercapacitors and Biosensors

Shin, Su-Ryon ;   Farzad, Razieh ;   Monaharan, Vijian ;   Tamayol, Ali ;   Zhang, Yu Shrike ;   Duck jin, Kim ;   Annabi, Nasim ;   Comotto, Mattia ;   Akbari, Mohsen ;   Dokmeci, Mehmet R. ;   Khademhosseini, Ali

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyMicrofabrication

ABSTRACT--Multifunctional carbon nanotubes (CNTs) composite materials are currently of considerable interest in fabrication of flexible...

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Formation of Oxidative DNA Damage Corresponds to the Long Term Survival of Human Cells Treated with Nanosilver

Kapka-Skrzypczak, Lucyna ;   Gradzka, Iwona ;   Bartlomiejczyk, Teresa ;   Chwastowska, Jadwiga ;   Sommer, Sylwester ;   Grzelak, Agnieszka ;   Zuberek, Mariusz ;   Lankoff, Anna ;   Wojewódzka, Maria ;   Kruszewski, Marcin

Tags NanomedicineGlobal healthBionanotechnology

A clonogenic potential of 3 human cell lines, HepG2, HT29 and A549, treated with bare 20 nm or 200 nm silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) was...

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Gold Nanoparticle-Mediated Delivery of Antigen and Adjuvant Improves Immune Response Resulting in Anti-Tumor Effects in Vivo

Mattos Almeida, Joao Paulo ;   Lin, Adam ;   Figueroa, Elizabeth ;   Reiser, Emily ;   Foster, Aaron ;   Drezek, Rebekah

Tags NanomedicineBionanotechnologyNanotechnology

Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) facilitate the delivery of the peptide antigen ovalbumin (OVA) and the CpG adjuvant to improve the...

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Gold Nanoparticles for Targeted Oral Cancer Therapy In-Vivo Evaluation of Hepatotoxicity before Translation

Abdellatif, Omar ;   Saleh, Hazem ;   Salah, Taher ;   Elshazly, Mohamed Osama ;   Khalil, Adel ;   Raafat, Alaa

Tags NanomedicineBionanotechnologyNanotechnology

Gold nanoparticles (GNPs) possess promising potential for curing cancer via photothermal therapy. However, their safety must be addressed...

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High Throughout, Microprinting of Tumor Spheroids for Anti-Cancer Drug Screening

Stephanie, Lemmo ;   Atefi, Ehsan ;   Tavana, Hossein

Tags Tissue engineeringMicrofluidicsBionanotechnology

We report a new approach to generating tumor spheroids using a polymeric aqueous two-phase system (ATPS). Cancer cells are confined in an...

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Hybrid Bio-Synthetic Gene Therapy Vector Development for Next Generation Vaccines

Jones, Charles ;   Ravikrishnan, Anitha ;   Chen, Mingfu ;   Reddinger, Ryan ;   Ahmadi, Mahmoud ;   Rane, Snehal ;   Hakansson, Anders ;   Pfeifer, Blaine

Tags BionanotechnologyNanomedicineGlobal health

Vaccination is a powerful means of pre-empting or treating disease. The process depends on successful recognition of a foreign entity (an...

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Hydrogels Containing Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Fabrication of Muscle Myofibers and Cardiac Differentiation of Embryoid Bodies

Ahadian, Samad ;   Khademhosseini, Ali

Tags BionanotechnologyTissue engineeringStem cells

Dielectrophoresis (DEP) method was introduced for the fabrication of methacrylated gelatin (GelMA)-aligned carbon nanotube (CNT) gels with...

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Innervation of 3D Printed Biological Machines

Cvetkovic, Caroline ;   Swetenburg, Raymond ;   Rich, Max H ;   Kong, Hyunjoon ;   Stice, Steven L ;   Bashir, Rashid

Tags Tissue engineeringBionanotechnologyStem cells

We report the development of a skeletal muscle powered biological machine (?bio-bot?) capable of biomimetic and directional locomotion, as well...

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Lipid Multilayer Nanostructures on Surfaces as Bioinspired Compartments

Lenhert, Steven

Tags BionanotechnologyNanotechnologyNanomedicine

Lipid bilayer membranes form the basis of compartments such as cells and organelles in biology. Fabrication of lipid multilayer nanostructures...

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Low Percolation Threshold Conductive POSS-PCL/Graphene Nanocomposite Polymer; Application for Nerve Regeneration

Nezakati, Toktam ;   Seifalian, Alexander

Tags BionanotechnologyRegenerative medicine

A low percolation threshold electrically conductive polymer using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) nanocage incorporated into a...

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Maximizing the Intracellular Delivery of Spherical Nucleic Acids by Engineering Oligonucleotide Sequence

Narayan, Suguna ;   Choi, Chung Hang J ;   Hao, Liangliang ;   Calabrese, Colin ;   Mirkin, Chad

Tags BionanotechnologyNanotechnologyNanomedicine

Spherical nucleic acids (SNAs), consisting of densely packed, highly oriented oligonucleotides attached to the surface of nanoparticles, are...

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Microfluidic Based Detection of HepA, HepB, and HepC Using Fluorescent Silver Nanocluster Probes (AgNC-DNA)

Del Bonis-O'Donnell, Jackson Travis ;   Fygenson, Deborah ;   Pennathur, Sumita

Tags BionanotechnologyMicrofluidics

Fluorescent silver nanocluster DNA probes (AgNC-DNA) are a new class of fluorophores with emerging applications in biology and medicine. Using...

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Microfluidic Single Sperm Entrapment and Analysis

de Wagenaar, Bjorn ;   Berendsen, Jorien ;   Huisintveld, Nik ;   Olthuis, Wouter ;   van den Berg, Albert ;   Segerink, Loes Irene

Tags MicrofluidicsBionanotechnologyDiagnostics

This abstract describes the hydrodynamic trapping of single spermatozoa in a microfluidic platform, allowing the investigation of sperm...

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Microplatform to Identify Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity in IPS-Derived Cardiomyocytes with Bright-Field Imaging and Machine Learning

Lee, Eugene ;   Kurokawa, Yosuke ;   George, Steven ;   Khine, Michelle

Tags Stem cellsTissue engineeringBionanotechnology

Current drug screening methods are ineffective at detecting drug-induced cardiotoxicity. Here we present a detection method that utilizes...

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Nanoscale Neuromorphic Circuit to Model DemylinationRemyelination

Yue, Kun ;   Parker, Alice

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyNanomedicine

We demonstrated Neuromorphic circuit models for Demyelinated and Remyelinated axons. Nanoscale devices including nanoresistors and...

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Needle Microelectrodes for Electromyography Recording from Zebrafish Larvae

Cho, Sung-Joon ;   Nam, Tae-Seung ;   Choi, Seok-Yong ;   Kim, Myoung-Kyu ;   Kim, Sohee

Tags MicrofabricationBionanotechnologyNanotechnology

Electromyography (EMG) is the most effective tool in diagnosing muscular diseases, and it is an essential tool in developing treatment agents...

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Projection Micro-Stereolithography Apparatus for High-Resolution 3D Patterning of Cells: Applications in Vascular Tissue Engineering

Raman, Ritu ;   Bhaduri, Basanta ;   Shkumatov, Artem ;   Kong, Hyunjoon ;   Popescu, Gabriel ;   Bashir, Rashid

Tags MicrofabricationBionanotechnologyTissue engineering

We have developed a projection micro-stereolithography apparatus (microSLA) capable of patterning cells encapsulated in biocompatible...

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Roll-to-Roll Shrink-Induced Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Enhanced Point-of-Care Detection in Urine

McLane, Jolie ;   Wu, Chun ;   Liedert, Ralph ;   Khine, Michelle

Tags Point-of-careDiagnosticsBionanotechnology

Superhydrophobic (SH) features have been created in hard plastic by depositing metal on shrink film. These features are scaled up for...

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Sirna-Based Spherical Nucleic Acid Nanoparticle Conjugates Increase the Rate of Wound Healing in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes

Randeria, Pratik ;   Paller, Amy S. ;   Mirkin, Chad

Tags BionanotechnologyNanomedicineNanotechnology

Diabetic patients often suffer from impaired wound healing, which can develop into non-healing diabetic ulcers, facilitate bacterial infections,...

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Stickyflares: A Platform for the Quantification and Spatio-Temporal Tracking of RNA in Live Cells

Briley, William ;   Mirkin, Chad

Tags BionanotechnologyNanotechnologyNanomedicine

We report a novel gold nanoparticle-DNA conjugate, termed the Stickyflare, which provides a platform for facile quantification of relative RNA...

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Targeting Survivin: A SPION-Based Approach to Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy

Despeaux, Emily ;   Talbott, Siera ;   Gannett, Peter ;   Pisane, Kelly ;   Seehra, Mohindar ;   Carroll, R. Lloyd

Tags NanomedicineDiagnosticsBionanotechnology

Magnetic nanoparticles, including superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION), have the potential to significantly improve the diagnosis...

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The Expression of NF-kB Related Genes in Response to Nanosilver is Cell Type Specific and Related to the Basal Activity of NF-kB

Kruszewski, Marcin ;   Stepkowski, Tomasz M. ;   Brzóska, Kamil ;   Kapka-Skrzypczak, Lucyna

Tags NanomedicineGlobal healthBionanotechnology

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are widely used in medicine and industry, but the recent evidence for their cytotoxicity rise a concern about...

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Three-Dimensional Textured Graphene Bioelectronics

Wang, Michael Cai ;   Choi, Jonghyun ;   Yong, Keong ;   Ashraf, Ali ;   Nam, SungWoo

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyDiagnostics

Superb electromechanical properties of graphene, where large elastic deformation is achievable without significant perturbation of electrical...

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Top-Down Designing and Fabrication of Metal Nanostructures for Plasmonics-Assisted Biomedical Sensing Applications

Chang, Chieh-feng ;   Walavalkar, Sameer ;   Marin, Brandon ;   Scherer, Axel

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyNanomedicine

Traditionally plasmonics was approached with bottom-up synthesis or time-consuming techniques like focused ion beam (FIB). We report an...

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Towards a Scalable Biomimetic Antibacterial Coating

Dickson, Mary Nora ;   Liang, Elena ;   Vollereaux, Nicolas ;   Yee, Albert

Tags NanotechnologyBionanotechnologyGlobal health

This work presents proof of concept that a biomimetic nanostructured surface can kill bacteria upon adhesion, without the use of chemical...

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