3D-Bioengineering of the Conventional Outflow Tract as Model for High-Throughput Drug Screening

Cula, Dautriche ;   Susan, Sharfstein ;   Xie, Yubing ;   Bergkvist, Magnus ;   Kerr, Matthew ;   Szymanski, Dennis ;   Danias, John ;   Stamer, W. D.

Tags Tissue engineeringRegenerative medicineMicrofabrication

Glaucoma remains the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Glaucoma is characterized by chronic degeneration of axons of the...

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A Medium Throughput Device to Study the Effects of Combinations of Surface Strains and Fluid-Flow Shear Stresses on Cells

Sinha, Ravi ;   Le Gac, Séverine ;   Verdonschot, Nico ;   van den Berg, Albert ;   Koopman, Bart ;   Rouwkema, Jeroen

Tags Regenerative medicineLab-on-ChipMicrofluidics

We report a 96-well-plate-sized device to screen for the effects on cells of all combinations of five equibiaxial surface strains (2-20%...

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In Situ iPSC Reprogramming by Non-Viral Chitosan-Based Assembly

Mikhailov, Andrey ;   Saotome, Kousaku ;   Matsushita, Akira ;   Sankai, Yoshiyuki

Tags NanotechnologyStem cellsRegenerative medicine

Here we are demonstrating the assembly from the set of chitosan-based functional materials with defined nano- and macro-properties into...

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Low Percolation Threshold Conductive POSS-PCL/Graphene Nanocomposite Polymer; Application for Nerve Regeneration

Nezakati, Toktam ;   Seifalian, Alexander

Tags BionanotechnologyRegenerative medicine

A low percolation threshold electrically conductive polymer using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) nanocage incorporated into a...

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Methacrylated Gelatin Hydrogel Fibers with Micro-Grooves for Tissues Engineering

Ostrovidov, Serge ;   Shi, Xuetao ;   Khademhosseini, Ali

Tags Tissue engineeringMicrofluidicsRegenerative medicine

Fiber shape processed biomaterials have attracted interest from the tissue engineering community due to their versatile processability and...

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