A Microfluidic Platform for Quantitative Analysis of Cancer Angiogenesis and Intravasation

Lee, Hyunjae ;   Park, Woohyun ;   Ryu, Hyunryul ;   Jeon, Noo Li

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-Chip

Understanding the mechanism behind cancer metastasis is a major challenge in cancer biology. Several in vitro models have been developed to...

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An Image Reconstruction Method Using Singular Value Decomposition for Magnetic Particle Imaging

Shimizu, Shota ;   Tsuchiya, Hiroki ;   takagi, tomoyuki ;   Hatsuda, Tomoki ;   Noguchi, Tomoaki ;   Ishihara, Yasutoshi

Tags DiagnosticsNanotechnologyMicrofluidics

Magnetic particle imaging is a medical imaging technology suitable for noninvasive diagnostics. However, the image resolution was degraded due...

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An Integrated Bubble Trap for Continuous Removal of Gas Bubbles from Microfluidic Chips

Dokmeci, Mehmet R. ;   Zhang, Yu Shrike ;   Chae, Sukyoung ;   Polini, Alessandro ;   Khademhosseini, Ali

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-Chip

In this paper we present a miniature bubble trap for efficient removal of bubbles from microfluidic reactors. The new bubble trap has a 10 mm...

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An iPS-derived, Vascularized Cardiac Tissue as an in vitro Drug Screening Platform

Kurokawa, Yosuke ;   Tran, David ;   Moya, Monica ;   Sobrino, Agua, Agua ;   Alonzo, Luis ;   Tu, Christina ;   Lock, Leslie ;   Hughes, Christopher ;   Conklin, Bruce ;   George, Steven

Tags Tissue engineeringStem cellsMicrofluidics

Drug attrition due to cardiac toxicity is prevalent, and a better preclinical screening tool is required in order to solve this issue. Here we...

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Continuous Monitoring of Bacteria in Drinking Water

Svendsen, Winnie E ;   Bertelsen, Christian Vinther ;   Skands, Gustav ;   Dimaki, Maria ;   Clausen, Casper Hyttel

Tags NanotechnologyGlobal healthMicrofluidics

Real-time continuous monitoring of bacteria concentrations in drinking water is of great importance in drinking water management. The methods...

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Droplet Libraries for Digital PCR with Improved Dynamic Range

Kaminski, Tomasz S. ;   Postek, Witold ;   Debski, Pawel R. ;   Garstecki, Piotr

Tags MicrofluidicsLab-on-ChipDiagnostics

This paper reports a microfluidic system that i) generate a sequence of 20 microliter droplets of a 2-fold dilution of DNA concentration ii)...

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Formation of Spatially-Defined Heterogeneous ECM-Coated Surfaces Using Microfluidic Patterning with Capillary Stop Valves to Control Cell Adhesion of Stem Cells

Kaneda, Shohei ;   Nakamura, Hiroko ;   Kawada, Jiro ;   Ono, Koichi ;   Fujii, Teruo

Tags Stem cellsTissue engineeringMicrofluidics

A microfluidic device to control condition of cell adhesiveness by the surface coated with two different extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins...

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High Throughout, Microprinting of Tumor Spheroids for Anti-Cancer Drug Screening

Stephanie, Lemmo ;   Atefi, Ehsan ;   Tavana, Hossein

Tags Tissue engineeringMicrofluidicsBionanotechnology

We report a new approach to generating tumor spheroids using a polymeric aqueous two-phase system (ATPS). Cancer cells are confined in an...

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HUVEC-MSC Interactions in the Initiation of Capillary Network Formation

Uwamori, Hiroyuki ;   Sudo, Ryo

Tags Tissue engineeringBioMEMSMicrofluidics

There is a demand for construction of functional capillaries in the field of tissue engineering. However, the mechanism of such capillary...

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Microfluidic Neuron: A Neuromimetic Approach to Interact with Biological Neurons

Levi, Timothee ;   Araki, Ayako ;   Fujii, Teruo

Tags MicrofluidicsBioMEMSLab-on-Chip

This article deals with the design of a new microfluidic device which reproduces the electrical behavior of one biological neuron. The main goal...

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Microfluidic Neuronal Cell-Culture Device for Continuous Measurement of Neurotransmitters Upon Stimulations

Talaei, Sara ;   Simi, Alessandro ;   Bosca, Alessandro ;   Berdondini, Luca ;   van der Wal, Peter D. ;   de Rooij, Nico F.

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-ChipMicrofluidics

We present a compartmentalized neuronal cell-culture device that provides the possibility of obtaining samples directly from the synaptic...

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Microfluidic Single Sperm Entrapment and Analysis

de Wagenaar, Bjorn ;   Berendsen, Jorien ;   Huisintveld, Nik ;   Olthuis, Wouter ;   van den Berg, Albert ;   Segerink, Loes Irene

Tags MicrofluidicsBionanotechnologyDiagnostics

This abstract describes the hydrodynamic trapping of single spermatozoa in a microfluidic platform, allowing the investigation of sperm...

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Microfluidic, Multifunctional, Multilayer, Monodisperse Microbubbles

Lee, Abraham ;   Hettiarachchi, Kanaka ;   Bardin, David ;   Shih, Roger

Tags MicrofluidicsNanomedicineDiagnostics

In this talk I will review my lab's development of microfluidic technology for multilayer vesicles (MVs), focusing on gaseous-cored microbubbles....

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Microphysiological Systems to Study Metastasis at High Spatiotemporal Resolution

Shirure, Venktesh ;   Waterman, Marian ;   George, Steven

Tags Tissue engineeringLab-on-ChipMicrofluidics

Metastasis, the most devastating consequence of cancer, remains challenging to treat, and better understanding of the metastatic process is...

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MIDAS – MIcrofluidics Detection Using Acoustic Spectroscopy

Sherman, Samuel ;   Anstett, Florent ;   Napoli, Maria ;   Bamieh, Bassam ;   Turner, Kimberly ;   Pennathur, Sumita

Tags BioMEMSMicrofluidicsLab-on-Chip

We propose a novel, microfluidics-based device that senses biomolecular markers and viscoelastic properties of relevant bodily fluids by...

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Super-Resolved Micro-Vascular Imaging Using Microbubbles and Machine Learning

Christensen-Jeffries, Kirsten ;   Schirmer, Markus D ;   Browning, Richard ;   Tang, Meng-Xing ;   Dunsby, Christopher ;   Aljabar, Paul ;   Eckersley, Robert John

Tags MicrofluidicsDiagnostics

Recent developments in sub-diffraction ultrasound (US) imaging using clinical US systems has shown the potential to resolve structures on the...

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The Development of an Optopiezoelectric Micropump for Microfluidic Applications

Wang, Hsin-Hu ;   Lee, Chih-Kung ;   Hsu, Yu-Hsiang

Tags MicrofluidicsMicrofabricationLab-on-Chip

In this paper, we present a polymer-based piezoelectric micropump that can be selectively activated and controlled by a masked light source....

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Three Dimensional Microfluidic Model to Investigate Synergism of Biomechanical and Biochemical Factors on Angiogenic Sprouting

Chung, Minhwan ;   Ahn, Jungho ;   Kim, Sudong ;   Lee, Hyunjae ;   Jeon, Noo Li

Tags BioMEMSTissue engineering

Interstitial fluid is composing more than 20 % of our body fluid, making creeping but constant flow called interstitial flow (IF) through the...

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Towards a Diffusion-Based Microfluidic Device for Isolation of Cell-Derived Microparticles

Cherré, Solène ;   Olsen, Mark ;   Noemi, Rozlosnik

Tags MicrofluidicsDiagnosticsNanomedicine

Cell-derived microparticles (MPs) have been proposed as novel diagnostics biomarkers for a wide range of diseases. However instruments and...

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