3D Microelectrodes on Chip for Impedance-Based Cell Detection and Differentiation

Rollo, Enrica ;   Wilhelm, Jannick ;   Guiducci, Carlotta

Tags MicrofabricationLab-on-ChipMicrofluidics

In this work we show single-particle differentiation in flow based on size and cell state by means of on-chip 50 µm high 3D silicon micropillar...

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A Medium Throughput Device to Study the Effects of Combinations of Surface Strains and Fluid-Flow Shear Stresses on Cells

Sinha, Ravi ;   Le Gac, Séverine ;   Verdonschot, Nico ;   van den Berg, Albert ;   Koopman, Bart ;   Rouwkema, Jeroen

Tags Regenerative medicineLab-on-ChipMicrofluidics

We report a 96-well-plate-sized device to screen for the effects on cells of all combinations of five equibiaxial surface strains (2-20%...

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A Microfluidic Device to Investigate the Effect of Alternating Electric Field on Cancer Cells

Pavesi, Andrea ;   Adriani, Giulia ;   Ping, Andy T.K ;   Warkiani, Majid E. ;   Kamm, Roger D.

Tags MicrofluidicsLab-on-Chip

We present a microfluidic device to investigate the effect of electric field on cancer cells proliferation and migration in a 3D matrix and in...

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An Engineered Microfluidic Device for Modeling Cardiac Tissues

Acun, Aylin ;   Zorlutuna, Pinar

Tags MicrofluidicsStem cellsTissue engineering

Studying the heart tissue is critical for understanding and developing treatments for cardiovascular diseases. In this work, we present a...

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Application of Silicon Microwire Arrays in Characterization of Skeletal Muscle Tissue

Banan Sadeghian, Ramin ;   Ostrovidov, Serge ;   Oi, Hideo ;   Kawano, Takeshi ;   Khademhosseini, Ali

Tags Tissue engineeringMicrofabricationLab-on-Chip

We report on the establishment of skeletal muscle cell cultures on silicon (Si) microwire arrays grown by a vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) technique....

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Development of Brain-on-a-Chip System based on Microfluidic Perfusion of Organotypic Hippocampal Cultures

Liu, Jing ;   Berdichevsky, Yevgeny

Tags Lab-on-ChipMicrofluidicsMicrofabrication

We developed a microfluidic perfusion system to maintain viable organotypic hippocampal cultures. This system is compatible with multiple...

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Diabetachip: Organ-on-Chip for a Novel Cell-Based Biosensor in Pretransplantation Quality Control and in Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Raoux, Matthieu ;   Lebreton, Fanny ;   Pedraza, Eileen ;   Bornat, Yannick ;   Floderer, Jean-Baptiste ;   Catargi, Bogdan ;   Renaud, Sylvie ;   Lang, Jochen

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-ChipGlobal health

Continuous glucose monitoring sensors only recognize glucose but no other hormones, they can therefore not work as a closed loop and...

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Effect of the Flexural Rigidity of a Piezoelectric Thin-Film on the Neonatal Rat Cardiomyocytes Maturation

Hsu, Yu-Hsiang ;   Lin, Yu-Huan ;   Chou, Han-Yi E. ;   Chen, Li-Yu ;   Shen, Jia-Wei

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-ChipTissue engineering

In this paper, a piezoelectric Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) transducer for the mechanical detection of cardiomycytes is presented. In order...

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Electrical Pacing of 3D Ips-Derived Cardiomyocytes and Endothelial Cells in a Microfluidic Device

Lam, Sandra ;   Simon, Melinda ;   Tran, David ;   Alonzo, Luis ;   Flohn, Nicholas ;   Lee, Abraham ;   George, Steven

Tags MicrofluidicsStem cellsTissue engineering

Tissue engineering models of human tissue have frequently utilized microfabricated systems to accurately and consistently provide simultaneous...

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Fabrication of Biomimetic 3D Liver Tissue by Photodegradable Hydrogels and Perfusion Culture in a Microfluidic Device

Yanagawa, Fumiki ;   Sugiura, Shinji ;   Takagi, Toshiyuki ;   Sumaru, Kimio ;   Kanamori, Toshiyuki

Tags MicrofluidicsTissue engineeringMicrofabrication

This paper reports a novel technique to fabricate perfusable 3D liver tissue in a microfluidic device using photodegradable hydrogels prepared...

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Flexible Strain Sensors for Measuring Contractility Force of Human Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Mendoza, Nicole ;   Carlos, Ruiz ;   Tang, William C. ;   Khine, Michelle

Tags Stem cellsLab-on-ChipMicrofabrication

Contractility assessment of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes is required to characterize their maturity and functional behavior in vitro. We...

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Hydrogels Containing Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Fabrication of Muscle Myofibers and Cardiac Differentiation of Embryoid Bodies

Ahadian, Samad ;   Khademhosseini, Ali

Tags BionanotechnologyTissue engineeringStem cells

Dielectrophoresis (DEP) method was introduced for the fabrication of methacrylated gelatin (GelMA)-aligned carbon nanotube (CNT) gels with...

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Interactions between Engineered HBV-Specific T Cells and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells in a 3D Microfluidic Platform

Pavesi, Andrea ;   Tanoto, Tan Anthony ;   Chia, Adeline ;   antonio, bertoletti ;   Kamm, Roger D.

Tags MicrofluidicsLab-on-Chip

We present a microfluidic device as efficient pre-clinical model for testing T-cells functionality for personalized medicine.

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Investigating the Role of M2a Polarized Macrophages on Carcinoma Cell Aggregates Dispersion in a 3D Microfluidic Device

Adriani, Giulia ;   Bai, Jing ;   Dang, Truong-Minh ;   Tu, Ting-Yuan ;   Wong, Siew-Cheng ;   Thiery, Jean Paul ;   Kamm, Roger D.

Tags MicrofluidicsLab-on-Chip

In this study, we present a microfluidic platform to investigate macrophage-cancer cell aggregates interactions. In particular, we investigate...

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Mechanical Force Induced Transition of Cell Protrusions from Blebs to Lamellipodia

Yeh, Chuan-Feng ;   Juang, Duane ;   Hsu, Chia-Hsien

Tags MicrofabricationLab-on-ChipBioMEMS

Cancer cells exhibit highly diverse types of membrane protrusions during metastasis and invasion1. Both chemical2 and physical signals in the...

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Microfluidic Cell-Sized Vesicles for Use as Artificial Antigen Presenting Cells

Vallejo, Derek ;   Lee, Abraham

Tags MicrofluidicsLab-on-Chip

We present a microfluidic platform for continuous generation of stable and monodisperse lipid vesicles without the use of non-biocompatible,...

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Microfluidic Devices for Oxygen Control

Eddington, David

Tags MicrofluidicsStem cells

We have developed a suite of tools to control oxygen concentrations in mammalian cell cultures and tissues. These devices leverage the innate...

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Micropatterning of Cells into Microwells for Metabolic Profiling

Wang, Kuo-chen ;   Meldrum, Deirdre ;   Wang, Hong ;   Chao, Shih-Hui ;   Tian, Yanqing ;   Song, Ganquan

Tags MicrofabricationMicrofluidicsLab-on-Chip

We present a photolithography-based method for micropatterning cells into microwells for metabolic profiling.

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Microphysiological Systems of Cardiac and Tumor Tissue Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

George, Steven

Tags Tissue engineeringBioMEMSStem cells

Cancer remains a leading cause of mortality in the United States, and world wide. There remains a need to develop new therapeutic options....

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NeuroChip: Bottoms Up Discovery Platform for Neuronal Development and Disorders

Thakor, Nitish

Tags Lab-on-ChipBioMEMSTissue engineering

The NeuroChip platform enables isolation and patterning of neuronal constituents (soma, axons, neurites) as well as co-culture of...

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Optical Ph Monitoring for Microfluidic Tissue Culture Applications

Mousavi Shaegh, Seyed Ali ;   Zhang, Yu Shrike ;   Nadhman, Akhtar ;   Khademhosseini, Ali ;   Dokmeci, Mehmet R.

Tags MicrofluidicsTissue engineeringLab-on-Chip

We have developed an optical sensor for monitoring of pH value for microfluidic tissue culture applications using the color change of phenol...

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Perfusion-Based Three Dimensional (3D) Tissue Engineering Platform with Integrated Bioimpedance Sensing

Muhammad, Haseena Bashir ;   Canali, Chiara ;   Heiskanen, Arto ;   Hemmingsen, Mette ;   Wolff, Anders ;   Dufva, Martin ;   Emnéus, Jenny

Tags Tissue engineeringLab-on-Chip

We present an 8-channel bioreactor array with integrated bioimpedance sensors, which enables perfusion culture of cells seeded onto porous...

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Physical Phenotyping of Single-Cells for Biomedicine

Di Carlo, Dino

Tags MicrofluidicsStem cellsDiagnostics

Physical properties of cells can provide integrative and quantitative information about various disease states. I will discuss a range of...

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Real Time Impedance Sensing of Intermediate Stages of Mitosis of a Single Cell

Kaji, Hirokazu ;   Ghenim, Lamya ;   Nagamine, Kuniaki ;   Porte, Stephanie ;   Haguet, Vincent ;   Gidrol, Xavier ;   Nishizawa, Matsuhiko

Tags Lab-on-ChipDiagnostics

We have constructed a sensitive tool to monitor electrically changes of individual cells by combining electrochemical-based surface modification...

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