Formation of Lipid Bilayers and Screening of Activity of Membrane Proteins in an Automated Droplet Microfluidic System

Czekalska, Magdalena A. ;   Kaminski, Tomasz S. ;   Jakiela, Slawomir ;   Sapra, K. Tanuj ;   Opalski, Adam S. ;   Bayley, Hagan ;   Garstecki, Piotr

This paper reports a microfluidic system that automates the formation of lipid bilayers at the interface of nanoliter aqueous droplets submerged in oil. We introduce a new microfluidic architecture – a trap designed to localize the droplets with respect to each other and to the electrodes. The system allows for precise electrophysiological measurements and for an automated execution of screening protocols, in which the activity of proteins is tested against inhibitors.