Styrofoam for Rapid Fabrication of Biosensors with Tunable Sensitivity and Limit of Detection

Talaei, Sara ;   van der Wal, Peter D. ;   de Rooij, Nico F.

We present a rapid approach for fabrication of amperometric enzyme-based biosensors. The enzyme immobilization is done in one step by immersing Styrofoam beads (detached from cushioning foam)in an enzyme solution. The beads are then entrapped in a small tube (3 mm wide, 1 cm long)by means of conventional microfluidic fittings. This creates a simple bioreactor without requiring lithography patterning. Using two electrodes at the outlet of the bioreactor enables measuring analytes by monitoring the concentration of the generated hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), amperometrically. The biosensor's sensitivity and limit of detection are adjustable by adding more beads and changing the flow rate of the sample.