Integrated Respiratory Signal Monitoring and Apnea Detection System Using Pyroelectric Sensor

Mahbub, Ifana ;   Pullano, Salvatore A. ;   Ruberto, Francesco ;   Hasan, Md Sakib ;   Farhan, Quaiyum ;   Christopher P., Stephens ;   Gary, To ;   Syed Kamrul, Islam ;   Fiorillo, Antonino S. ;   Mark S., Gaylord ;   Vichien, Lorch

The paper presents a fully integrated system for apnea detection of neonatal infants. Apnea has been one of the leading causes of death in the USA and it is even more critical for premature neonatal infants. Currently, for the diagnosis of apnea the patients need to go through overnight sleep study in the laboratory, which is very expensive. A prototype device with the pyroelectric sensor and a wireless telemetry designed in 0.5 µm CMOS process is presented which overcomes the complexity of the point of care diagnosis of sleeping disorders.