In Vitro Evaluation of Catheter Design for an Implantable Solid Drug Delivery Pump

Shahhaidar, Ehsaneh ;   Horlen, Kyle ;   Morales, Mercedes ;   Spehr, Paul ;   Morgan, Philip ;   Imran, Mir ;   Fischer, Elmar ;   Schaefbauer, Alyssa ;   Beraki, Simret

A fully implantable automatic solid drug delivery device offers unique treatment options to patients suffering from chronic conditions. One challenge of a solid drug delivery device is the functional nexus between the device and the patient. In this study we evaluate efficacy of various catheter distal end designs focusing on the effect of pore orientation. Although disintegration rate of micro-tablets is principally determined by the excipient composition, this study shows that for a given micro-tablet composition, the rate of appearance of methylene blue dye in the extra-device space was significantly increased by placement of micro-pores in 90 or 120 degree orientation compared to a 180 degree orientation (p<0.01).