Diamond-Based Nanomedicine for Cancer Treatment and Imaging

Ho, Dean

Nanodiamonds have emerged as promising agents for drug delivery and imaging due to their unique surface properties. Nanodiamond-anthracycline compounds have mediated major improvements to drug delivery efficacy and safety. Most recently, NDX, a nanodiamond-doxorubicin agent, markedly enhanced the pre-clinical treatment efficacy of multiple drug-resistant tumor models with no apparent myelosuppression, demonstrating potent drug binding and the absence of early drug release [1,2]. Nanodiamonds bound to gadolinium have also resulted in contrast agents that are 12 times more efficient than clinical standards with among the highest ever reported per-gadolinium relaxivity values. This lecture will highlight recent advancements in the use of nanodiamond-anthracycline complexes to address hard to treat cancers. In addition, diamond-based multimodal imaging/therapy approaches will be explored as potential clinically-relevant modalities [3]. The combination of these pre-clinical advancements in diamond-based nanomedicine and nanodiamond surface properties serves as a foundation for a promising translational roadmap which will also be discussed [4].