Hybrid Bio-Synthetic Gene Therapy Vector Development for Next Generation Vaccines

Jones, Charles ;   Ravikrishnan, Anitha ;   Chen, Mingfu ;   Reddinger, Ryan ;   Ahmadi, Mahmoud ;   Rane, Snehal ;   Hakansson, Anders ;   Pfeifer, Blaine

Vaccination is a powerful means of pre-empting or treating disease. The process depends on successful recognition of a foreign entity (an antigen) to illicit a strong immune response. The delivery of a DNA molecule encoding an antigen requires the assistance of a vector to facilitate the process of gene expression within immune system sentinels termed antigen presenting cells (APCs). In this study, two normally distinct vectors (a bacterial cell and a cationic polymer) were combined to generate a hybrid bio-synthetic gene delivery vector. The new vector coupled synergistic mechanisms to assist and improve gene delivery to APCs. Furthermore, the bio-synthetic vector provides unique and complimentary engineering capabilities that offer a promising platform for future applications in genetic vaccination.