The New Evaluation Method of Intestinal Absorption Used by Spectroscopic Imaging in Animal Production Science

Takagi, Ryo ;   Matsumoto, Yoshiki

Morphological aspects of gastrointestinal tract were well analyzed the response of digestive juice and applied in the feed supplement research. These hypotheses and anatomical approaches were well revealed accumulating hypertrophic shape of the villus tip on growing chicken. Recently, Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopic imaging was used to evaluate crystallization and maturation ratio of collagen in bone. In this study, to establish new morphological evaluation method, we focused on amide l (C=O) peak and tried to evaluate nutrient absorption by spectroscopic imaging in intestinal villus combined with SEM and general staining method. The present feeding experiments were performed on male chicken at 49 days. All chicken duodenums were collected for observing by SEM, performing general staining and analyzing the composition by FT-IR spectroscopic imaging. In duodenal villus tips, the intussusceptions were observed in SEM and HE staining. Accordingly, amide l absorbance was high expression at intestinal epithelial cells, although not the intussusceptions. These results were fitted on previous reports. The FT-IR spectroscopic imaging may be useful tool to evaluate nutrient absorption and elucidate the absorption mechanisms.