Methacrylated Gelatin Hydrogel Fibers with Micro-Grooves for Tissues Engineering

Ostrovidov, Serge ;   Shi, Xuetao ;   Khademhosseini, Ali

Fiber shape processed biomaterials have attracted interest from the tissue engineering community due to their versatile processability and extensive applications. However, most of these fibers are made with a restricted number of polymers (e.g Alginate) and are usually cylindrical with smooth surface, which limits their interactions with cells. Therefore, the use of new polymers and the generation of fibers with textured surfaces constitute a required development. In this study, to improve the cell material interactions, we generated methacrylated gelatin (GelMA) fibers with microstructured surface by a groove/ridge micropattern. We assumed that the combination of the cell supportive properties of GelMA hydrogel, the easy processability (e.g. knitting) of continuous fiber and the local order generated by the microstructured surface will create a favorable synergy to interact and to harness the cell behavior.