Brain Stem Cell Interaction with Nanostructured Poly-Si/Pt Surfaces

Bérces, Zsófia ;   Horváth, Ágoston Csaba ;   Jády, Attila Gyula ;   Pongrácz, Anita ;   Madarász, Emília ;   Fekete, Zoltán

In this work, we investigate the biocompatibility of platinized poly-silicon surfaces with different nanoscale textures using NE-4C cell culture. The nanostructuring is performed by cryogenic deep reactive ion etching, which can be integrated into our implantable brain electrode fabrication process. Samples were electrochemically and morphologically characterized. Surfaces with appropriate electrochemical and biocompatible properties will be utilized as contact sites on of implantable silicon microelectrode arrays. Our results are envisioned to enable efficient functionality and long term stability of silicon based implantable electrodes in chronic experiments.