Projection Micro-Stereolithography Apparatus for High-Resolution 3D Patterning of Cells: Applications in Vascular Tissue Engineering

Raman, Ritu ;   Bhaduri, Basanta ;   Shkumatov, Artem ;   Kong, Hyunjoon ;   Popescu, Gabriel ;   Bashir, Rashid

We have developed a projection micro-stereolithography apparatus (microSLA) capable of patterning cells encapsulated in biocompatible hydrogels at <5 μm resolution. Fibroblasts, myoblasts, endothelial, and bone marrow stromal stem cells encapsulated in hydrogels by this apparatus remained viable over a period of two weeks. Multi-material 3D designs are fabricated at high-resolution and targeted towards applications in vascular tissue engineering. These promising results lay the foundation for targeting a range of tissue engineering applications.