Application of Silicon Microwire Arrays in Characterization of Skeletal Muscle Tissue

Banan Sadeghian, Ramin ;   Ostrovidov, Serge ;   Oi, Hideo ;   Kawano, Takeshi ;   Khademhosseini, Ali

We report on the establishment of skeletal muscle cell cultures on silicon (Si) microwire arrays grown by a vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) technique. Excellent cell attachment, proliferation, and differentiation of muscle cells on Si microwire arrays were observed. C2C12 myoblasts cultured on the Si (111) substrate, anchored preferentially to the trunk of the microwires and formed a whole cell layer. After the medium was switched from growth to differentiation, myogenesis was also observed. Electrical stimulation promoted maturation of these microwire-anchoring myotubes. These micro-scale probes are targeted to be employed both as piezoresistive motion sensors and electrochemical biosensors for the characterization of myotube contractility and detection of biochemicals.