Electrical Pacing of 3D Ips-Derived Cardiomyocytes and Endothelial Cells in a Microfluidic Device

Lam, Sandra ;   Simon, Melinda ;   Tran, David ;   Alonzo, Luis ;   Flohn, Nicholas ;   Lee, Abraham ;   George, Steven

Tissue engineering models of human tissue have frequently utilized microfabricated systems to accurately and consistently provide simultaneous delivery of multiple stimuli to recapitulate a physiologically relevant environment. Here, we use a microfluidic system that provides delivery of nutrients and fluid shear via interstiail flow, coupled with an integrated electrical stimulation system, to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell-derived cardiomyocytes co-cultured with endothelial cells in a 3D matrix. The electrical stimulation system also offers a means by which to assess the maturity of the developing cardiomyocytes, since it can also be used to measure the minimum excitation threshold and maximum capture rate of the cardiomyocytes throughout the culture period.