A Microfluidic Platform for Quantitative Analysis of Cancer Angiogenesis and Intravasation

Lee, Hyunjae ;   Park, Woohyun ;   Ryu, Hyunryul ;   Jeon, Noo Li

Tags BioMEMSLab-on-Chip

Understanding the mechanism behind cancer metastasis is a major challenge in cancer biology. Several in vitro models have been developed to...

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Three Dimensional Microfluidic Model to Investigate Synergism of Biomechanical and Biochemical Factors on Angiogenic Sprouting

Chung, Minhwan ;   Ahn, Jungho ;   Kim, Sudong ;   Lee, Hyunjae ;   Jeon, Noo Li

Tags BioMEMSTissue engineering

Interstitial fluid is composing more than 20 % of our body fluid, making creeping but constant flow called interstitial flow (IF) through the...

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