Development of Nanodiamond-Based Platform for Enhanced Cancer Stem Cell Therapy and Cancer Imaging

Wang, Xin ;   Moore, Laura ;   Ho, Dean ;   Chow, Edward

Tags NanomedicineBionanotechnologyNanotechnology

Cancers are often composed of heterogenous tumor cell populations. It is evident now that for many cancers, a specific subpopulation of...

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Diamond-Based Nanomedicine for Cancer Treatment and Imaging

Ho, Dean

Tags Nanomedicine

Nanodiamonds have emerged as promising agents for drug delivery and imaging due to their unique surface properties....

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Targeted Magnetic Resonance Imaging through Nanodiamonds

Moore, Laura ;   Towsend, Taryn R. ;   Meade, Thomas J. ;   Ho, Dean

Tags NanomedicineNanotechnologyDiagnostics

Steroid hormone receptors play a key role in the prognosis and treatment of a variety of cancers including breast, ovarian and prostate....

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