Automatic Nonrigid Motion Correction for Quantitative First-Pass Cardiac MR Perfusion Imaging

Benovoy, Mitchel ;   Jacobs, Matthew ;   Cheriet, Farida ;   Dahdah, Nagib ;   Arai, Andrew E. ;   Hsu, Li-Yueh

Tags Motion compensation and analysisPerfusion imagingHeart

First-pass dynamic contrast-enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance imaging is an increasingly important diagnostic tool for coronary artery...

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Learning Nonrigid Deformations for Constrained Point-Based Registration for Image-Guided MR-TRUS Prostate Intervention

Onofrey, John A. ;   Staib, Lawrence H. ;   Sarkar, Saradwata ;   Venkataraman, Rajesh ;   Papademetris, Xenophon

Tags Multi-modality fusionMotion compensation and analysisProstate

This paper presents and validates a low-dimensional nonrigid registration method for fusing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and trans-rectal...

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Motion Compensation in Two-Photon Microscopy Temporal Series

Medioni, Caroline ;   Besse, Florence ;   Descombes, Xavier ;   Malandain, Gregoire

Tags Motion compensation and analysisMicroscopy - FluorescenceAnimal models and imaging

Over the past decade, novel live-imaging techniques have considerably change our vision of cell biology, in particular in the field of...

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Practical PET Respiratory Motion Correction in Clinical Simultaneous PET/MR

Manber, Richard ;   Hutton, Brian Forbes ;   Ourselin, Sebastien ;   Arridge, Simon ;   Wan, Simon ;   Barnes, Anna ;   Thielemans, Kris ;   O'Meara, Celia ;   Atkinson, David

Tags Motion compensation and analysisMagnetic resonance spectroscopyWhole-body

Respiratory motion during PET acquisition leads to blurring in images and quantification underestimation. We propose a practical, anatomy...

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Robust Exemplar Model of Respiratory Liver Motion and Individualization using an Additional Breath-Hold Image

Tanner, Christine ;   Samei, Golnoosh ;   Szekely, Gabor

Tags Motion compensation and analysisImage-guided treatmentLiver

This study investigates the benefits of observing an example of the subject-specific 3D liver motion for individualizing a statistical...

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