3D Statistical Models of the Aorta and the Supra-Aortic Branches

Wörz, Stefan ;   von Tengg-Kobligk, Hendrik ;   Rohr, Karl

Tags Probabilistic and statistical models & methodsVesselsMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

We introduce a new approach for creating 3D statistical models of the aorta and supra-aortic branches to investigate the variability of the...

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Joint Labeling of Multiple Regions of Interest (ROIs) by Enhanced Auto Context Models

Kim, Minjeong ;   Wu, Guorong ;   Guo, Yanrong ;   Shen, Dinggang

Tags Image segmentationMachine learningMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Accurate segmentation of a set of regions of interest (ROIs) in the brain images is a key step in many neuroscience studies. Due to the...

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Level Set Segmentation with Shape Prior Knowledge using Intrinsic Rotation, Translation and Scaling Alignment

Arrieta, Cristobal ;   Sing-Long, Carlos ;   Uribe, Sergio ;   Andia, Marcelo Edgardo ;   Irarrazaval, Pablo ;   Tejos, Cristian

Tags Image segmentationShape analysisModeling - Knowledge

Level set-based algorithms have been extensively used for medical image segmentation. Despite their relative success, standard level set...

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Segmentation of Pelvic Organs at Risk using Superpixels and Graph Diffusion in Prostate Radiotherapy

Guinin, Maxime ;   Ruan, Su ;   Nkhali, Lamyaa ;   Dubray, Bernard ;   Massoptier, Laurent ;   Gardin, Isabelle

Tags Image segmentationRadiation therapy, planing and treatment

Segmentation of organs at risk (OAR) in male pelvis is critical for planning prostate cancer radiotherapy. We are interested in femoral heads,...

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Unbalanced Graph-Based Transduction on Superpixels for Automatic Cervigram Image Segmentation

Huang, Sheng ;   Gao, Mingchen ;   Yang, Dan ;   Huang, Xiaolei ;   Elgammal, Ahmed ;   Zhang, Xiaohong

Tags Image segmentationMachine learningCervix

We propose a novel medical image segmentation algorithm by transductively inferring the labels. In this approach, superpixels are first...

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