Graph Models of Spread of Brain Diseases

Raj, Ashish

Tags Graphical models & methodsModeling - Anatomical, physiological and pathologicalTractography

Recent advances in network modeling of brain phenomena have opened up many opportunities for graph theorists and image analysis...

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Learning to Detect and Track Cells for Quantitative Analysis of Time-Lapse Microscopic Image Sequences

Kostelec, Pedro Damian ;   Carlin, Leo M. ;   Glocker, Ben

Tags Cells & moleculesTracking (time series analysis)Motion compensation and analysis

Studying the behaviour of cells using time-lapse microscopic imaging requires automated processing pipelines that enable quantitative analysis...

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Multi-Resolution Statistical Analysis on Graph Structured Data in Neuroimaging

Kim, Won Hwa ;   Singh, Vikas ;   Chung, Moo K. ;   Adluru, Nagesh ;   Bendlin, Barbara ;   Johnson, Sterling C.

Tags image filtering (e.g. mathematical morphology, wavelets,...)Shape analysisConnectivity analysis

Statistical data analysis plays a major role in discovering structural and functional imaging phenotypes for mental disorders such as...

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Pose Invariant Graph-Based Segmentation Priors

Paragios, Nikos

Tags Image segmentation

This paper presents a brief overview on the use of graphs for knowledge-based segmentation. We introduce a graph theoretical framework...

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