4DCT Segmentation of Parathyroid Adenomas via Ellipse Fitting

Brickman, Daniel ;   Hamilton, Bronwyn

Tags Image segmentationComputed tomography (CT)Thyroid

Preoperative imaging is a necessary part of modern parathyroid surgery, including the use of cross sectional imaging. Segmentation of lesions...

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Importance of Image Registration for Quantitative SPECT Imaging

Chun, Se Young

Tags Image registrationNuclear imaging (e.g. PET, SPECT)

Quantitative SPECT imaging is useful for many clinical applications including I-131 radioimmunotherapy. CT image is usually acquired before SPECT...

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Longitudinal Registration of Ground Glass Opacity Lesions in CT Scans

Ben Zikri, Kfir ;   Helguera, Maria ;   Fetzer, David ;   Chittajallu, Deepak Roy ;   Aylward, Stephen ;   Niethammer, Marc ;   Cahill, Nathan

Tags Image registrationLungComputed tomography (CT)

Current criteria used to assess lung nodule growth rely on longitudinal cross-sectional measurements on computed tomography (CT) images....

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Open Source Methods for Noise Reduction and Segmentation in Breast MRI

Balkman, Jason ;   Halter, Ryan

Tags Computational ImagingBreastMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

The development and distribution of algorithms to quantify breast imaging biomarkers is almost entirely dependent on commercial software. An...

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