Class Averaging for Single Particle Reconstruction in Cryo-EM

Zhao, Zhizhen ;   Singer, Amit

Tags Microscopy - electronImage enhancement/restoration(noise and artifact reduction)Classification

The signal to noise ratio (SNR) of raw projection images from cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) is typically too low for ab initio...

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Correction of Photobleaching for the Assessment of Pharmacokinetic Parameters using Dynamic Fluorescence Microscopy

Derieppe, Marc ;   Bos, Clemens ;   de Greef, Martijn ;   Moonen, Chrit ;   Denis de Senneville, Baudouin

Tags Microscopy - Fluorescence

Local drug delivery in oncology aims at depositing high doses of anticancer agents locally while limiting their toxic side effects. Biological...

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Enhancing Image Analysis Pipelines with Uncertainty Treatment

Stegmaier, Johannes ;   Mikut, Ralf

Tags Image segmentationSingle cell & molecule detectionMicroscopy - Fluorescence

In this contribution we present a new way on how to efficiently exploit biological prior knowledge to improve the result quality of an...

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Learning Energy Functions for Interactive Cell Segmentation in the Maximum Mean Weight Cycle Formalism

Nilufar, Sharmin ;   Perkins, Theodore

Tags Image segmentationMachine learningSingle cell & molecule detection

Segmenting cells out of microscope images is a key step in many studies of normal biological function as well as disease, enabling quantification...

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