Blind Estimation of Spatially Variant Noise in Grappa MRI

Aja-Fernandez, Santiago ;   Vegas-Sanchez-Ferrero, Gonzalo

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Probabilistic and statistical models & methodsModeling - Image formation

The reconstruction process in multiple coil MRI scanners makes the noise features in the final magnitude image become non-stationary, i.e. the...

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Flexible Multichannel Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Coil Array

Li, Jiangtao ;   Liang, Zheng ;   Jiang, Weihua ;   Zhao, Zhijie ;   Li, Jianhao

Tags Brain

Transcranial magnetic stimulation devices have been widely used for clinic and research purpose, and the design of coils is important for field...

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Free-Breathing Perfusion MRI using Multislice PCASL

Song, Hao ;   Liu, Wenyang ;   Ruan, Dan ;   Pohmann, Rolf ;   Stenger, V. Andrew ;   Fernandez Seara, Maria A. ;   Jung, Sungkyu ;   Gach, H Michael

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)KidneyMotion compensation and analysis

Arterial spin labeling (ASL) is a difference imaging method that is sensitive to motion between successive label and control acquisitions,...

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In Vitro Imaging of Kidney Stones using Ultra-Short Echo-Time Magnetic Resonance

Ibrahim, El-Sayed ;   Pooley, Robert ;   Cernigliaro, Joseph ;   Bridges, Mellena ;   Giesbrandt, Jamie ;   Williams, James ;   Haley, William

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Image acquisition

With the development of ultra-short echo-time (UTE) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences, adequate imaging of kidney stones becomes...

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Quality Optimized Medical Image Steganography based on Edge Detection and Hamming Code

Al-Dmour, Hayat ;   Al-Ani, Ahmed

Tags Optimization methodComputational ImagingMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

A Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) is a technology designed to store and transmit digitized medical images over a public...

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Spectral Estimation for Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging with Spatial Sparsity Constraints

Ning, Qiang ;   Ma, Chao ;   Liang, Zhi-Pei

Tags Magnetic resonance spectroscopyQuantification and estimationBrain

This paper addresses the long-standing spectral quantitation problem in magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI). Although a large...

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Variable Density Sampling based on Physically Plausible Gradient Waveform. Application to 3D MRI Angiography

Chauffert, Nicolas ;   Weiss, Pierre ;   Boucher, Marianne ;   Mériaux, Sébastien ;   Ciuciu, Philippe

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Image acquisitionCompressive sensing & sampling

Performing k-space variable density sampling is a popular way of reducing scanning time in Magnetic Resonance Imaging~(MRI). Unfortunately,...

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