2D Hidden Markov Model with Spatially Adaptive State-Space for Tracing Many Cells in Image Sequence

Shih, Min-Chi ;   Shenoy, Renuka ;   Rose, Kenneth

Tags Tracking (time series analysis)Microscopy - electronImage segmentation

In this paper we propose a two-dimensional hidden Markov model (HMM)-based framework for solving the cell tracing problem in a biological image...

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Automated Cell Segmentation in Phase-Contrast Images based on Classification and Region Growing

Stoklasa, Roman ;   Balek, Lukas ;   Krejci, Pavel ;   Matula, Petr

Tags Microscopy - LightCells & moleculesImage segmentation

Cell segmentation in phase-contrast microscopy images remains a challenging problem because of the large variability in subcellular structures...

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Automatic Core Segmentation and Registration for Fast Tissue Microarray De-Arraying

Nguyen, Hoai-Nam ;   Kervrann, Charles ;   Cauchois, Cyril ;   Paveau, Vincent

Tags MicroarraysTissueImage segmentation

Tissue core de-arraying is one of the most important steps in tissue microarray (TMA) image analysis. However, few solutions and mathematical...

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Deconvolution Regularized using Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Biomedical Image Deblurring and Segmentation

Lelandais, Benoit ;   Ducongé, Frédéric

Tags DeconvolutionImage segmentationFluorescence tomography

We address deconvolution and segmentation of blurry images. We propose to use Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) for regularizing Maximum Likelihood...

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Probabilistic Edge Detection in 3D Optical Microscopy Images of Tissue Samples

Nandy, Kaustav ;   Gudla, Prabhakar R ;   Chellappa, Rama ;   Lockett, Stephen

Tags Other-methodTissueMicroscopy - Fluorescence

Inspired by a state of the art 2D algorithm for edge detection in natural images, in this work we report the development of an accurate 3D...

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Unsupervised Shape Prior Modeling for Cell Segmentation in Neuroendocrine Tumor

Xing, Fuyong ;   Yang, Lin

Tags Microscopy - LightCells & moleculesImage segmentation

Automated and accurate cell segmentation provides support for many quantitative analyses on digitized neuroendocrine tumor (NET) images. It...

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