Hair Region Localization with Optical Imaging for Guided Laser Hair Removal

Avsar, Murat ;   Yetik, Imam Samil

Tags ClassificationMachine learningImage segmentation

Laser hair removal is a popular nonsurgical aesthetic operation, where the aim is to remove unwanted hair permanently by damaging the hair...

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Ray Interpolation for Generic Triangulation based on a Galvanometric Laser Scanning System

Wagner, Benjamin ;   Stueber, Patrick ;   Wissel, Tobias ;   Bruder, Ralf ;   Schweikard, Achim ;   Ernst, Floris

Tags Sampling and interpolationImage Processing

Our research group is currently developing a new optical head tracking system for intracranial radiosurgery. The system uses infrared laser...

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Simulation of Trans-Nasal Endoscopy of the Middle Ear for Visualization of Cholesteatoma

Zhang, Dongqing ;   Bennett, Marc ;   Labadie, Robert ;   Noble, Jack

Tags EndoscopyImage segmentationImage registration

Cholesteatomas are benign lesions that form in the middle ear (ME). The standard of care is surgical removal. The traditional clinical approach...

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Skin Lesion Matching using Jacobian based Descriptors for Topology Preservation

Mirzaalian, Hengameh ;   Hamarneh, Ghassan ;   Lee, Tim

Tags Tracking (time series analysis)SkinOther-modality

Developing an automatic system for tracking pigmented skin lesions (PSL) is important for early skin cancer detection. PSL tracking is...

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