4D Patient Specific Model of Quadriceps Muscles using Static and Cine MRI Images

García, David ;   Trombella, Sara ;   Delattre, Bénédicte M.A. ;   Ratib, Osman

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)MuscleComputational Imaging

We present in this paper the methodology developed at the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUGE) to obtain a full patient specific 4D...

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A 3D Dynamic Biomechanical Swallowing Model for Training and Diagnosis of Dysphagia

Farazi, Moshiur Rahman ;   Martin-Harris, Bonnie ;   M. Harandi, Negar ;   Fels, Sidney ;   Abugharbieh, Rafeef

Tags Modeling - Anatomical, physiological and pathologicalComputer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)Visualization

We present a three dimensional (3D) biomechanical swallowing model of the oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal (OPAL) muscles and structures. Such...

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A Robust Comparison Approach of Velocity Data between MRI and CFD based on Divergence-Free Space Projection

Koltukluoglu, Taha Sabri ;   Hirsch, Sven ;   Binter, Christian ;   Kozerke, Sebastian ;   Szekely, Gabor ;   Laadhari, Aymen

Tags Modeling - Anatomical, physiological and pathologicalMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Heart

Recent achievements in 4D flow MRI increased the interest of CFD-MRI studies, which require comparison of velocity fields from both...

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Medial Demons Registration Localizes the Degree of Genetic Influence Over Subcortical Shape Variability: An N= 1480 Meta-Analysis

Gutman, Boris ;   Jahanshad, Neda ;   Ching, Christopher R. K. ;   Wang, Yalin ;   Kochunov, Peter ;   Nichols, Thomas ;   Thompson, Paul

Tags Computational ImagingBrainMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

We present a multi-cohort shape heritability study, extending the fast spherical demons registration to subcortical shapes via medial modeling....

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Subject-Specific Biomechanical Modelling of the Oropharynx with Application to Speech Production

M. Harandi, Negar ;   Woo, Jonghye ;   Farazi, Md Moshiur Rahman ;   Stavness, Ian ;   Stone, Maureen ;   Fels, Sidney ;   Abugharbieh, Rafeef

Tags Modeling - Anatomical, physiological and pathologicalInverse methodsMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

In this work, we develop a 3D subject-specific biomechanical model of the oropharynx in order to investigate and simulate speech production....

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Virtual Cochlear Electrode Insertion via Parallel Transport Frame

Duchateau, Nicolas ;   Mangado, Nerea ;   Ceresa, Mario ;   Mistrik, Pavel ;   Vera, Sergio ;   Gonzalez Ballester, Miguel Angel

Tags Inner earSurgical guidance/navigationModeling - Anatomical, physiological and pathological

We present an automatic, fast and parameterizable algorithm to perform the virtual insertion of a cochlear electrode array into a...

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