A New Hierarchical Brain Parcellation Method based on Discrete Morse Theory for Functional MRI Data

Dias, Afonso ;   Bianciardi, Marta ;   Nunes, Sandro ;   Abreu, Rodolfo ;   Rodrigues, Juliana ;   Silveira, L. Miguel ;   Wald, Lawrence L. ;   Figueiredo, Patricia

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)BrainConnectivity analysis

Parcellation of the brain into functionally meaningful regions is a crucial step in studies of brain connectivity using complex network analysis...

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Basal Ganglia Functional Parcellation into Specific and Overlapping Territories with Resting State F-MRI

Philippe, Anne-Charlotte ;   Berroir, Pierre ;   Bardinet, Eric ;   Vidailhet, Marie ;   Lehericy, St├ęphane

Tags fMRI analysisConnectivity analysisPopulation analysis

The basal ganglia (BG) are divided into functional territories being connected to specific cortical areas. Some regions are also connected to...

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Brain Activity: Conditional Dissimilarity and Persistent Homology

Cassidy, Ben ;   Rae, Caroline ;   Solo, Victor

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)Connectivity analysisGraphical models & methods

There is an urgent need for reliable methods to compare brain activity networks, to distinguish between normal and abnormal functioning. A...

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Correcting Inhomogeneity-Induced Distortion in fMRI using Non-Rigid Registration

Chambers, Micah ;   Bhushan, Chitresh ;   Haldar, Justin ;   Leahy, Richard ;   Shattuck, David

Tags fMRI analysisFunctional imaging (e.g. fMRI)

Magnetic field inhomogeneities in echo planar images (EPI) can cause large distortion in the phase encoding dimension. In functional MRI (fMRI),...

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Detection of Genetic Factors Associated with Multiple Correlated Imaging Phenotypes by a Sparse Regression Model

Lin, Dongdong ;   Li, Jingyao ;   Calhoun, Vince ;   Wang, Yu-Ping

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)GenesMachine learning

Recently, more evidence of polygenicity and pleiotropy has been found in genome-wide association (GWA) studies of complex psychiatric diseases...

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Empirically Investigating the Statistical Validity of SPM, FSL and AFNI for Single Subject fMRI Analysis

Eklund, Anders ;   Nichols, Thomas ;   Andersson, Mats ;   Knutsson, Hans

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)Probabilistic and statistical models & methodsValidation

The software packages SPM, FSL and AFNI are the most widely used packages for the analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)...

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Improved Functional Cortical Parcellation using a Neighborhood-Information-Embedded Affinity Matrix

Wang, Chendi ;   Yoldemir, Burak ;   Abugharbieh, Rafeef

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)BrainfMRI analysis

Cortical parcellation of the human brain typically serves as a basis for higher-level analyses such as connectivity analysis and investigation...

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Optimal Signal Recovery from Interleaved fMRI Data

Parker, David ;   Gerraty, Raphael ;   Razlighi, Qolamreza

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)Image enhancement/restoration(noise and artifact reduction)Image acquisition

Due to the nature of fMRI acquisition protocols, slices in the plane of acquisition are not acquired simultaneously or sequentially, and...

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Physiological Models Comparison for the Analysis of ASL fMRI Data

Frau-Pascual, Aina ;   Forbes, Florence ;   Ciuciu, Philippe

Tags fMRI analysisBrainFunctional imaging (e.g. fMRI)

Physiological models have been proposed to describe the processes that underlie the link between neural and hemodynamic activity in the brain....

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R-Clustering Technique for Initialization of Factor Analysis of Dynamic Pet Images

Mitra, Debasis ;   Boutchko, Rostyslav ;   Li, Bo ;   Jagust, William ;   Gullberg, Grant

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)BrainImage segmentation

In this work we develop a new clustering algorithm for the initial analysis of a dynamic PET image series. Time-dependent activity for each...

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Signal Sampling for Efficient Sparse Representation of Resting State fMRI Data

Ge, Bao ;   Wang, Jin ;   Lv, Jinglei ;   Zhang, Shu ;   Zhao, Shijie ;   Zhao, Qinghua ;   Zhang, Wei ;   LI, Xiang ;   Jiang, Xi ;   Han, Junwei ;   Guo, Lei ;   Liu, Tianming

Tags Compressive sensing & samplingfMRI analysisBrain

As brain imaging data such as fMRI is growing explosively, how to reduce its size but not to lose much information becomes a pressing problem....

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