Anatomic-Landmark Detection using Graphical Context Modelling

Wang, Lichao ;   Belagiannis, Vasileios ;   Marr, Carsten ;   Theis, Fabian ;   Yang, Guang-Zhong ;   Navab, Nassir

Tags Graphical models & methodsComputer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)Heart

Anatomical landmarks in images play an important role in medical practice. In this paper, a graphical model is presented to fully automatically...

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Automated Measurement of Arterial Input Function in First-Pass Myocardial Perfusion Magnetic Resonance Images using Independent Component Analysis

Jacobs, Matthew ;   Gorbachev, Mikhail ;   Benovoy, Mitchel ;   Chang, Lin-Ching ;   Arai, Andrew E. ;   Hsu, Li-Yueh

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Perfusion imagingHeart

Quantitative assessment of first-pass cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) perfusion imaging is useful for detecting coronary artery disease,...

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Automatic Detection of Cardiac Aneurysms of Left Ventricle in 2D Echocardiogaphy

Mahmood, Raziuddin ;   Syeda-Mahmood, Tanveer

Tags UltrasoundHeartComputer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)

In this paper we address the problem of automatic detection of left ventricular cardiac aneurysms from 4-chamber views in cardiac ultrasound...

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Component-Composition based Heart Isolation for 3D Volume Visualization of Coronary Arteries

Chen, Mingqing ;   Zhong, Hua ;   Zheng, Yefeng ;   Funka-Lea, Gareth

Tags HeartComputed tomography (CT)Image segmentation

Heart isolation (separating the heart from the neighboring tissues, e.g., lung, liver, and rib cage) is a prerequisite to generate a 3D volume...

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Evaluation of Myocardial Strain using Bandpass Optical Flow: Comparison to Harmonic Phase Analysis

Hassanein, Azza ;   Khalifa, Ayman ;   Ibrahim, El-Sayed

Tags HeartMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive imaging modality for providing information about the myocardial function, viability, and...

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In Vivo Deformation of Stented Coronary Vessel Centerline with Cardiac Motion: Implications for Angiography-Oct Fusion

Kunio, Mie ;   O'Brien, Caroline ;   Lopes, Augusto ;   Edelman, Elazer

Tags Angiographic imagingVesselsImage reconstruction - analytical & iterative methods

This study aims to quantify in vivo deformation of stented coronary vessel centerlines due to cardiac motion to understand the potential...

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Joint Segmentation and Groupwise Registration of Cardiac DCE MRI using Sparse Data Representations

Mahapatra, Dwarikanath ;   Li, Zhang ;   Schueffler, peter ;   Vos, Frans ;   Buhmann, Joachim

Tags Perfusion imagingHeartImage registration

We propose a joint registration and segmentation method for cardiac perfusion images using robust PCA (RPCA) to decompose the time series...

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Segmentation of the Right Ventricle in MR Images using Dual Active Shape Model in the Bookstein Coordinates

El-Rewaidy, Hossam ;   Fahmy, Ahmed S.

Tags Image segmentationProbabilistic and statistical models & methodsMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Segmentation of the Right Ventricle (RV) from cardiac MRI images is necessary for evaluating a number of cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular...

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Towards an IVUS-Driven System for Endovascular Navigation

Karlas, Angelos ;   Lee, Su-Lin

Tags Angiographic imagingUltrasoundVessels

A new platform for guidance during intravascular procedures is presented in this study. Endovascular interventions comprise the most popular...

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