A Multi-Path Approach to Histology Volume Reconstruction

Pichat, Jonas ;   Modat, Marc ;   Tarek, Yousry ;   Ourselin, Sebastien

Tags Histopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)TissueImage registration

This paper presents a method for correcting erratic pairwise registrations when reconstructing a volume from 2D histology slices. Due to...

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Cell Segmentation and Classification by Hierarchical Supervised Shape Ranking

Santamaria, Alberto ;   Rittscher, Jens ;   Gerdes, Michael ;   Padfield, Dirk

Tags Shape modeling and analysisFluorescence microscopyMolecular and cellular screening

While pathologists can readily elucidate disease-relevant information from tissue images, automated algorithms may fail to capture the intricate...

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Fusing Heterogeneous Features for the Image-Guided Diagnosis of Intraductal Breast Lesions

Zhang, Xiaofan ;   Dou, Hang ;   Ju, Tao ;   Zhang, Shaoting

Tags Histopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)ClassificationData Mining

In the analysis of histopathological images, both holistic (e.g., architecture features) and local appearance features demonstrate excellent...

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Nuclei Segmentation via Sparsity Constrained Convolutional Regression

Zhou, Yin ;   Chang, Hang ;   Barner, Kenneth E. ;   Parvin, Bahram

Tags Pattern recognition and classificationMachine learningHistopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)

Automated profiling of nuclear architecture, in histology sections, can potentially help predict the clinical outcomes. However, the task is...

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Tumor Localization in Tissue Microarrays using Rotation Invariant Superpixel Pyramids

Akbar, Shazia ;   Jordan, Lee ;   Thompson, Alastair ;   McKenna, Stephen

Tags Histopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)Pattern recognition and classificationImage segmentation

Tumor localization is an important component of histopathology image analysis; it has yet to be reliably automated for breast cancer...

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