Clinical Subthalamic Nucleus Prediction from High-Field Brain MRI

Kim, Jinyoung ;   Duchin, Yuval ;   Sapiro, Guillermo ;   Vitek, Jerrold ;   Harel, Noam

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)BrainMachine learning

The subthalamic nucleus (STN) within the sub-cortical region of the Basal ganglia is a crucial targeting structure for Parkinson's Deep brain...

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Fast Linear Geodesic Shape Regression using Coupled LogDemons Registration

Sun, Zhuo ;   Lelieveldt, Boudewijn ;   Staring, Marius

Tags Shape analysisOptimization methodModeling - Anatomical, physiological and pathological

Longitudinal brain image series offers the possibility to study individual brain anatomical changes over time. Mathematical models are needed to...

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Model-Driven Parameterization of Fetal Cortical Surfaces

Auzias, Guillaume ;   de Guio, Francois ;   Pepe, Antonietta ;   Rousseau, François ;   Mangin, Jean-François ;   Girard, Nadine ;   Lefevre, Julien ;   Coulon, Olivier

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)BrainFetus

Surface-based analysis is a tool of choice to study the anatomy and function of the cortex in adult and children brains. Common surface...

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Quantifying Gyrification using Laplace Beltrami Eigenfunction Level-Sets

Shishegar, Rosita ;   Manton, Jonathan ;   Britto, Joanne M. ;   Walker, David W. ;   Johnston, Leigh A.

Tags Shape analysisMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Brain

Cortical surface is folded into gyri and sulci in the brains of higher mammals. Gyrification indices (GI) are widely used to characterise...

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Quasi-Isometric Length Parameterization of Cortical Sulci: Application to Handedness and the Central Sulcus Morphology

Coulon, Olivier ;   Lefevre, Julien ;   Klöppel, Stefan ;   Siebner, Hartwig R. ;   Mangin, Jean-François

Tags Shape analysisBrainPopulation analysis

We present in this paper a method to perform a length parameterization of cortical sulcus meshes. Such parameterization allows morphological...

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