Genetic Analysis of Structural Brain Connectivity using Dicccol Models of Diffusion MRI in 522 Twins

Zhu, Dajiang ;   Zhan, Liang ;   Faskowitz, Joshua ;   Jahanshad, Neda ;   Daianu, Madelaine ;   de Zubicaray, Greig ;   McMahon, Katie ;   Martin, Nicholas G. ;   Wright, Margaret ;   Thompson, Paul

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingBrain

Genetic and environmental factors affect white matter connectivity in the normal brain, and they also influence diseases in which brain...

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Global Consistency Spatial Model for Fiber Orientation Distribution Estimation

Wu, Ye ;   Feng, Yuanjing ;   Li, Fei ;   Westin, Carl-Fredrik

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Deconvolution

In this study, we propose a globally consistent, locally sparse regularized model for fiber orientation distribution (FOD) estimation with...

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Laplacian-Regularized MAP-MRI: Improving Axonal Caliber Estimation

Fick, Rutger H.J. ;   Wassermann, Demian ;   Sanguinetti, Gonzalo ;   Deriche, Rachid

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingQuantification and estimationPopulation analysis

In diffusion MRI, the accurate description of the entire diffusion signal from sparse measurements is essential to enable the recovery of...

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Limitations of Two-Component Diffusion Models for Axon Diameter Density Estimation

Syeda, Warda Taqdees ;   Moore, Stephen Micheal ;   Wright, David K ;   Tolcos, Mary ;   Johnston, Leigh A.

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Brain

Two component models of diffusion-weighed signal decay in Magnetic Resonance Imaging have been advocated for use in the estimation of axon...

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MS-FRACT: Optimized Linear Transform Methods for ODF Estimation in Multi-Shell Diffusion MRI

Varadarajan, Divya ;   Haldar, Justin

Tags Diffusion weighted imagingInverse methodsTractography

This paper proposes a new linear transform approach for multi-shell ODF estimation that has been theoretically characterized and does not...

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