Fast and Efficient Image Registration based on Gradient Orientations of Minimal Uncertainty

Arbel, Tal ;   De Nigris Moreno, Dante Alberto

Tags Image registrationBrainMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

There exist a wide variety of time sensitive contexts (e.g. image-guided neurosurgery (IGNS)), whereby image registration is required to be...

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Image Registration Beyond Generic Optimization Problems: Application to Endomicroscopic Mosaicking

Vercauteren, Tom

Tags Image registrationIn-vivo cellular and molecular imagingMedical robotics

Typical pairwise intensity-based image registration relies on general-purpose optimisers to optimise a cost function that measures the...

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Segmentation, Registration and Spatial Distribution of Brain Tumors

Davatzikos, Christos ;   Kwon, Dongjin

Tags BrainImage registrationImage segmentation

We present our segmentation and registration techniques for the computerized analysis of brain tumors. We then describe our results for...

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Uncertainty in Non-Rigid Image Registration

Wells, William

Tags Image registrationProbabilistic and statistical models & methodsQuantification and estimation

We summarize Bayes' approaches to characterizing non-rigid registration by way of posterior distributions on deformation fields.

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