Automated Prediction of Tissue Outcome in Ischemic Stroke Patients by Analysis of CT Perfusion Data

Vos, Pieter ;   Bennink, Edwin ;   de Jong, Hugo ;   Velthuis, Birgitta ;   Viergever, Max A. ;   Dankbaar, Jan Willem

Tags BrainPerfusion imagingProbabilistic and statistical models & methods

Assessment of brain tissue at risk for infarction could be a determinant for acute stroke management. With CT perfusion, cerebral blood...

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BigBrain: Initial Parcellation of the Cortex and Comparison with Brodmann Atlas

Fournier, Marc ;   Lepage, Claude ;   Lewis, Lindsay ;   Zilles, Karl ;   Amunts, Katrin ;   Evans, Alan

Tags BrainAtlasesImage segmentation

Most available human brain atlases provide information only at macroscopic level. Fine-grain anatomical resolution of cortical layers and cells is...

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High Fidelity Image-to-Mesh Conversion for Brain Aneurysm/Stent Geometries

Dholakia, Ronak ;   Drakopoulos, Fotios ;   Sadasivan, Chander ;   Jiao, Xiangmin ;   Fiorella, David ;   Woo, Henry ;   Lieber, Baruch ;   Chrisochoides, Nikos

Tags Other-methodVesselsAngiographic imaging

Computational fluid dynamics analysis of current generation stents for brain aneurysm treatment involves complex multi-scale meshing. We...

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Hybrid Approach to Automated Fibre Bundle Extraction for Neurosurgical Planning

Khan, Ali R. ;   Diao, Kary ;   Ribaupierre, Sandrine ;   Hodges, Wes ;   Peters, Terry

Tags TractographyImage segmentationDiffusion weighted imaging

Diffusion tensor tractography enables surgeons to pre-operatively map functional pathways in the brain to aid avoidance, and automated...

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Impact of Wavelet Thresholding Methods on MR Elastography Human Brain Stiffness Results

Barnhill, Eric ;   Selesnick, Ivan ;   Braun, Jurgen ;   Sack, Ingolf ;   Roberts, Neil

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)BrainImage enhancement/restoration(noise and artifact reduction)

Denoising methods are critical to accurate results in the MR Elastography (MRE) inverse problem. We apply four thresholding methods for...

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Relationship between Functional and Structural Networks' Eigenvalues is Preserved in Healthy and Epileptic Brains

Abdelnour, Farras ;   Raj, Ashish ;   Dayan, Michael ;   Devinsky, Orrin ;   Thesen, Thomas

Tags Graphical models & methodsDiffusion weighted imagingfMRI analysis

The relationship between function and structure in the brain has been an area of active research. In previous work we proposed a simple...

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