Automatic Multi-Parametric MR Registration Method using Mutual Information based on Adaptive Asymmetric K-Means Binning

Wang, Chengjia ;   Goatman, Keith ;   MacGillivray, Thomas ;   Beveridge, Erin ;   Koutraki, Yolanda G. Sourgia ;   Boardman, James P ;   Stirrat, Colin ;   Sparrow, Sarah ;   Moore, Emma ;   Paraky, Rozi ;   Alam, Shirjel ;   Dweck, Marc ;   Chin, Calvin ;   Gray, Calum ;   Newby, David E ;   Semple, Scott

Tags Image registrationMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Heart

Multi-parametric MR image registration combines different imaging sequences to enhance visualisation and analysis. However, alignment of the...

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Diffeomorphic Image Registration with Automatic Time-Step Adjustment

Pai, Akshay ;   Klein, Stefan ;   Sommer, Stefan ;   Darkner, Sune ;   Sporring, Jon ;   Nielsen, Mads

Tags Image registrationMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Brain

In this paper, we propose an automated Euler's time-step adjustment scheme for diffeomorphic image registration using stationary velocity...

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Modular Linear Iconic Matching using Higher Order Graphs

Fécamp, Vivien ;   Sotiras, Aristeidis ;   Paragios, Nikos

Tags Graphical models & methodsImage registrationMulti-modality fusion

We introduce a novel approach to tackle iconic linear mapping between two images. We adopt a grid-based parametrization of the deformation...

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Motion Correction in Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Scans of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques

Stanziola, Antonio ;   Cheung, Wing Keung ;   Eckersley, Robert John ;   Tang, Meng-Xing

Tags Image registrationUltrasoundContrast agent quantification

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound has shown great potential in detecting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques, but an effective motion correction...

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Structure Propagation for Deformable Image Stitching

Yigitsoy, Mehmet ;   Katouzian, Amin ;   Navab, Nassir

Tags Image registrationImage synthesisMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Stitching of images is often challenging due to lack or insufficient amount of information shared by sub-images to be stitched. Imaging...

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