An Efficient Auxiliary Variable Method for Quantification of Spin Density, R2* Decay and Field Inhomogeneity Maps in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Hu, Chenxi ;   Reeves, Stanley

Tags Computational ImagingMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Image reconstruction - analytical & iterative methods

Quantification of spin density, R2* decay and off-resonance frequency maps is very important in some applications of magnetic resonance...

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Effect of an Annular Sleeve of High Permittivity Material on Resonant Modes and Homogeneity of a Birdcage Coil

Vaidya, Manushka V. ;   Chen, Gang ;   Zhang, Bei ;   Collins, Christopher M. ;   Sodickson, Daniel K. ;   Lattanzi, Riccardo

Tags Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Image acquisitionModeling - Image formation

We investigated how high permittivity materials affect the S-parameters and transmit efficiency of a head-sized birdcage coil. We also studied...

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Efficient MR Inhomogeneity Correction by Regularized Entropy Minimization and Proximal Alternations

Zhang, Bo ;   Peeters, Hans

Tags Image enhancement/restoration(noise and artifact reduction)Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Brain

Magnetic Resonance (MR) images usually exhibit intensity inhomogeneity (bias field) due to non-uniformity generated from RF coils or...

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Generation of Synthetic Structural Magnetic Resonance Images for Deep Learning Pre-Training

Castro, Eduardo ;   Ulloa Cerna, Alvaro Emilio ;   Plis, Sergey ;   Turner, Jessica ;   Calhoun, Vince

Tags Machine learningMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Brain

Deep learning methods have significantly improved classification accuracy in different areas such as speech, object and text recognition....

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Perfusion MRI Deconvolution with Delay Estimation and Non-Negativity Constraints

Pizzolato, Marco ;   Ghosh, Aurobrata ;   Boutelier, Timothe ;   Deriche, Rachid

Tags Perfusion imagingDeconvolutionMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Perfusion MRI deconvolution aims to recover the time-dependent residual amount of indicator (residue function) from the measured arterial...

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Phantom and Non Rigid Registration to Tackle Distorsions from MRI in Stereotactic Conditions: Proof of Concept and Preliminary Results

Vermandel, Maximilien ;   Baert, GrĂ©gory ;   Reyns, Nicolas ;   Betrouni, Nacim

Tags Image quality assessmentMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Brain

Image distortion is a major issue of MRI for focal therapy planning. In particular, frame based applications such as stereotactic radiotherapy...

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