A Method for Generating Context-Aware Features for Object Classification and Its Application to IHC Stained Image Analysis

Nie, Yao ;   Srinivas, Chukka

Tags Histopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)ClassificationTissue

Tissue object classification, such as nuclei classification, is often the pre-requisite for quantitative analysis of histopathological tissue slide...

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Curvelet-Based Classification of Prostate Cancer Histological Images of Critical Gleason Scores

Lin, Wen-Chyi ;   Li, Ching-Chung

Tags ProstateComputer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)Pattern recognition and classification

This paper is aimed at the development of an approach of applying the curvelet transform to images of prostatectomy pathological specimens...

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Dfdl: Discriminative Feature-Oriented Dictionary Learning for Histopathological Image Classification

Vu, Tiep ;   Seyed Mousavi, Hojjat ;   Monga, Vishal ;   Rao, Arvind ;   Rao, Ganesh

Tags Histopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)Classification

In histopathological image analysis, feature extraction for classification is a challenging task due to the diversity of histology features...

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Hierarchical Task-Driven Feature Learning for Tumor Histology

Couture, Heather D. ;   Marron, J. S. ;   Thomas, Nancy E. ;   Perou, Charles M. ;   Niethammer, Marc

Tags Machine learningHistopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)Pattern recognition and classification

Through learning small and large-scale image features, we can capture the local and architectural structure of tumor tissue from histology...

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Identifying Histological Concepts on Basal Cell Carcinoma Images using Nuclei based Sampling and Multi-Scale Descriptors

Romo Bucheli, David ;   Moncayo, Ricardo ;   Cruz Roa, Angel Alfonso ;   Romero, Eduardo

Tags Computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)Microscopy - Light

Histopathological sample examination involves a sequential analysis of several fields of view (FoV) at different magnification levels. Experts...

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Predictive Sparse Morphometric Context for Classification of Histology Sections

Chang, Hang ;   Parvin, Bahram

Tags Pattern recognition and classificationMachine learningHistopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)

Classification of histology sections from large cohorts, in terms of distinct regions of microanatomy (e.g., tumor, stroma, normal), enables the...

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Structure-Preserved Color Normalization for Histological Images

Vahadane, Abhishek ;   Peng, Tingying ;   Albarqouni, Shadi ;   Baust, Maximilian ;   Steiger, Katja ;   Schlitter, Anna Melissa ;   Sethi, Amit ;   Esposito, Irene ;   Navab, Nasir

Tags Histopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)TissueBlind source separation & Dictionary learning

Automated image processing and quantification are increasingly gaining attention in the field of digital pathology. However, a common problem...

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Using Contextual Information to Classify Nuclei in Histology Images

Nguyen, Kien ;   Bredno, Joerg ;   Knowles, David

Tags Histopathology imaging (e.g. whole slide imaging)ClassificationComputer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)

Nucleus classification is a central task in digital pathology. Given a tissue image, our goal is to classify detected nuclei into different types,...

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