A Semi-Automatic Tool for the Connectivity Tracking of Neuronal Processes Acquired using Electron Microscopy

Rodriguez, Juan Eduardo ;   Tapia, Juan C ;   Cárdenas, Germán Francisco ;   Guevara, Pamela

Tags Microscopy - electronBrainImage segmentation

We describe an image processing tool for helping to organize, annotate and map neuronal circuitry. The tools use high-resolution images...

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Automated Neuron Morphology Reconstruction using Fuzzy-Logic Detection and Bayesian Tracing Algorithms

Radojevic, Miroslav ;   Smal, Ihor ;   Meijering, Erik

Tags Microscopy - FluorescenceProbabilistic and statistical models & methodsSingle cell & molecule detection

Digital reconstruction of neuronal cell morphology from microscopy image data is an important task in many neuroscience studies. Since the...

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Fast Algorithm for Neural Network Reconstruction

Bittner, Sean ;   Chen, Siheng ;   Kovacevic, Jelena

Tags Connectivity analysisNervesMachine learning

We propose an efficient and accurate way of predicting the connectivity of neural networks in the brain represented by simulated calcium...

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Neuron Crawler: An Automatic Tracing Algorithm for Very Large Neuron Images

Zhou, Zhi ;   Sorensen, Staci ;   Peng, Hanchuan

Tags Image reconstruction - analytical & iterative methodsBrainMicroscopy - confocal

Automatic 3D neuron reconstruction for very large 3D light microscopy images remains to be a challenge in neuroscience. Few existing neuron...

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Three-Dimensional Neurite Tracing under Globally Varying Contrast

Gulyanon, Sarun ;   Sharifai, Nima ;   Bleykhman, Samantha ;   Kelly, Eve ;   Kim, Michael D. ;   Chiba, Akira ;   Tsechpenakis, Gavriil

Tags Image segmentationAnimal models and imagingMicroscopy - confocal

We study the 3D neurite tracing problem in different imaging modalities. We consider that the examined images do not provide sufficient...

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