2d-3d Regularized Deformable B-Spline Registration: Application to the Proximal Femur

Yu, Weimin ;   Zheng, Guoyan

Tags Image registrationBoneX-ray imaging

In this paper we present a new approach for a personalized X-ray reconstruction of the proximal femur via a non-rigid registration of a 3D...

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Improving Robustness for Inter-Subject Medical Image Registration using a Feature-Based Approach

Sv√§rm, Linus ;   Enqvist, Olof ;   Kahl, Fredrik ;   Oskarsson, Magnus

Tags Image registration

We propose new feature-based methods for rigid and affine image registration. These are compared to state-of-the-art intensity-based...

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Quasi Real-Time Sub-Space 3D Deformable Fusion

Singh, Bharat ;   Alchatzidis, Stavros ;   Paragios, Nikos

Tags Image registrationMulti-modality fusionParallel computing

In this paper we propose a novel and robust approach for deformable fusion using a metric defined in an appropriate subspace which is...

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Random Walker Image Registration with Inverse Consistency

Tang, Ying Wai Lisa ;   Andrews, Shawn ;   Hamarneh, Ghassan

Tags Image registrationOptimization methodValidation

One important property of a registration solution is emph{inverse consistency}. While often overlooked, this property is critical in many...

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Unsupervised Detection of Local Errors in Image Registration

Vishnevsky, Valery ;   Gass, Tobias ;   Szekely, Gabor ;   Tanner, Christine ;   Goksel, Orcun

Tags Image registrationQuantification and estimationLiver

Image registration is used extensively in medical imaging. Visual assessment of its quality is time consuming and not necessarily accurate....

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