Automatic Parcellation of Cortical Surfaces using Random Forests

Meng, Yu ;   Li, Gang ;   Gao, Yaozong ;   Shen, Dinggang

Tags Pattern recognition and classificationBrainMachine learning

Automatic and accurate parcellation of cortical surfaces into anatomically and functionally meaningful regions is of fundamental importance in...

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Fracture Detection in X-Ray Images through Stacked Random Forests Feature Fusion

Cao, Yu ;   Wang, Hongzhi ;   Moradi, Mehdi ;   Prasanna, Prasanth ;   Syeda-Mahmood, Tanveer

Tags BoneMachine learningComputer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)

Bone fractures are among the most common traumas in musculoskeletal injuries. They are also frequently missed during the radiological...

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Local Problem Forests: Classifier Training for Locally Limited Sub-Problems using Spectral Clustering

Maier, Oskar ;   Handels, Heinz

Tags Image segmentationPattern recognition and classificationBrain

Voxel-wise classification for image segmentation often suffers the drawback, that the learnt global classification model only insufficiently...

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Random Forest based Erythema Grading for Psoriasis

Das Gupta, Mithun ;   Srinivasa, Srinidhi ;   J, Madhukara ;   Antiny, Meryl

Tags SkinMulti- and Hyper-spectral imagingImage segmentation

Psoriasis Area and Severity Index, or PASI score [7] is one of the most prevalent scoring indices for Psoriasis. Erythema or redness of skin...

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Right Ventricle Landmark Detection using Multiscale HOG and Random Forest Classifier

Sedai, Suman ;   Roy, Pallab ;   Garnavi, Rahil

Tags Pattern recognition and classificationMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

This paper presents an efficient and robust approach to detect right ventricular landmark points in short axis cardiac MRI, based on...

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