A Joint Classification and Segmentation Approach for Dendritic Spine Segmentation in 2-Photon Microscopy Images

Erdil, Ertunc ;   Argunsah, Ali Ozgur ;   Tasdizen, Tolga ;   Unay, Devrim ;   Cetin, Mujdat

Tags Microscopy - Multi-photonImage segmentationProbabilistic and statistical models & methods

Shape priors have been successfully used in challenging biomedical imaging problems. However when the shape distribution involves multiple shape...

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A Sliding-Window Data Aggregation Method for Super-Resolution Imaging of Live Cells

Chen, Kuan-Chieh Jackie ;   Yu, Yiyi ;   Kovacevic, Jelena ;   Yang, Ge

Tags Microscopy - Super-resolutionIn-vivo cellular and molecular imagingImage reconstruction - analytical & iterative methods

Super resolution localization microscopy (SRLM) techniques such as STORM and PALM overcome the ?200nm diffraction limit of conventional light...

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Detection and Tracking of Golgi Outposts in Microscopy Data

Yang, Huei-Fang ;   Chen, Chu-Song ;   Descombes, Xavier

Tags Tracking (time series analysis)Microscopy - confocal

Golgi outposts (GOPs) that transport proteins in both the anterograde and retrograde directions play an important role in determining the...

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Space-Variant Image Formation for 3D Fluorescence Microscopy using a Computationally Efficient Block-Based Model

Ghosh, Sreya ;   Preza, Chrysanthe

Tags Modeling - Image formationImage enhancement/restoration(noise and artifact reduction)Computational Imaging

This study is an initial attempt to address space-variant (SV) image formation in 3D fluorescence microscopy using a computationally tractable...

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Towards Quantifying the Impact of Cell Boundary Estimation on Morphometric Analysis for Phenotypic Screening

Nketia, Thomas Akwesi ;   Noble, J Alison ;   Rittscher, Jens

Tags Quantification and estimationShape analysisMicroscopy - Fluorescence

Computational analysis of appearance and morphology patterns of cells offers good potential to quantify the effect of candidate drug...

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