Groupwise Image Registration of Multimodal Head-and-Neck Images

Guyader, Jean-Marie ;   Huizinga, Wyke ;   Fortunati, Valerio ;   Veenland, Jifke F. ;   Paulides, Margarethus M ;   Niessen, Wiro ;   Klein, Stefan

Tags Image registrationMulti-modality fusionRadiation therapy, planing and treatment

Fusion of multimodal medical images using deformable registration is of high interest for head-and-neck tumour treatment planning. In this...

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Implicit Planar and In-Plane Deformable Mapping through High Order Graphs

Ferrante, Enzo ;   Fécamp, Vivien ;   Paragios, Nikos

Tags Image registrationGraphical models & methods

In this paper we propose a novel method based on discrete optimization of high order graphs, to perform deformable slice-to-volume...

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Parallel and Memory Efficient Multimodal Image Registration for Radiotherapy using Normalized Gradient Fields

König, Lars ;   Derksen, Alexander ;   Hallmann, Marc ;   Papenberg, Nils

Tags Image registrationParallel computingRadiation therapy, planing and treatment

We introduce a new highly parallel and memory efficient deformable image registration algorithm to handle challenging clinical applications. The...

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Robust Rigid Registration for Non Invasive Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery: Preliminary Results

Haddad, Oussama ;   Leboucher, Julien ;   Troccaz, Jocelyne ;   Stindel, Eric

Tags Image registrationMulti-modality fusionBone

In order to automatically guide orthopedists during the interventions, computers need to localize and track bones to be operated. Localization...

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Symmetric Block-Matching Registration for the Distortion Correction of Echo-Planar Images

Hedouin, Renaud ;   Commowick, Olivier ;   Taquet, Maxime ;   Bannier, Elise ;   Scherrer, Benoit ;   Warfield, Simon K. ;   Barillot, Christian

Tags Image registrationDiffusion weighted imagingBrain

We introduce a new approach to correct geometric and intensity distortion of Echo Planar Images (EPI) from images acquired with opposite...

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