An Image-Based Computational Method for Characterizing Whole-Cell Scale Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Intracellular Transport

Lee, Hao-Chih ;   Yang, Ge

Tags Cells & moleculesOptimization methodComputational Imaging

Intracellular transport is the process of distributing and collecting materials, often packaged in different forms of cargoes, to fulfill...

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Detection and Estimation of Membrane Diffusion during Exocytosis in TIRFM Image Sequences

Basset, Antoine ;   Bouthemy, Patrick ;   Boulanger, Jérôme ;   Waharte, François ;   Kervrann, Charles ;   Salamero, Jean

Tags Microscopy - FluorescenceQuantification and estimationIn-vivo cellular and molecular imaging

Assessing the dynamics of plasma membrane diffusion processes in live cell fluorescence microscopy is of paramount interest to understand...

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Mapping Complex Spatio-Temporal Models to Image Space: The Virtual Microscope

Samuylov, Denis Konstantinovich ;   Widmer, Lukas Andreas ;   Szekely, Gabor ;   Paul, Grégory

Tags Modeling - Image formationMicroscopy - FluorescenceCells & molecules

Simulating synthetic image data is crucial for the design and validation of bio-imaging pipelines. Most of the existing frameworks assume...

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Motion Analysis of Receptors and Ligands in High Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy Images

Godinez, William ;   Lymperopoulos, Konstantinos ;   Herten, Dirk-Peter ;   Rohr, Karl

Tags Tracking (time series analysis)Microscopy - Super-resolutionCells & molecules

Monitoring the dynamical behavior of receptors and ligands via single-molecule fluorescence microscopy allows quantifying the interactions...

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On Proper Simulation of Chromatin Structure in Static Images as Well as in Time-Lapse Sequences in Fluorescence Microscopy

Svoboda, David ;   Ulman, Vladimir ;   Peterlik, Igor

Tags Microscopy - confocalImage synthesisCells & molecules

In fluorescence microscopy, where the benchmark datasets for validating the various image analysis methods are difficult to obtain, a great...

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