Characterizing and Differentiating Task-Based and Resting State fMRI Signals via Two-Stage Dictionary Learning

Zhang, Shu ;   LI, Xiang ;   Lv, Jinglei ;   Jiang, Xi ;   Ge, Bao ;   Guo, Lei ;   Liu, Tianming

Tags BrainFunctional imaging (e.g. fMRI)Classification

A relatively underexplored question in fMRI is whether there are intrinsic differences in terms of signal composition patterns that can...

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Multi-Subject fMRI Connectivity Analysis using Sparse Dictionary Learning and Multiset Canonical Correlation Analysis

Khalid, Muhammad Usman ;   Seghouane, Abd-krim

Tags Functional imaging (e.g. fMRI)BrainBlind source separation & Dictionary learning

In this paper, we propose an effective technique to analyze task-based functional connectivity across multiple subjects for functional...

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Parallel Imaging via Sparse Representation Over a Learned Dictionary

Wang, Shanshan ;   Peng, Xi ;   Dong, Pei ;   Ying, Leslie ;   Feng, Dagan ;   Liang, Dong

Tags Image reconstruction - analytical & iterative methodsOptimization methodMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

This paper proposes an adaptive reconstruction method for parallel imaging (PI) via sparse representation over a learned dictionary and also...

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Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Deformation Prediction

Cao, Tian ;   Singh, Nikhil ;   Jojic, Vladimir ;   Niethammer, Marc

Tags Image registrationAtlasesMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

We propose a coupled dictionary learning method to predict deformation fields based on image appearance. Rather than estimating deformations...

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Sparse Non-Parametric Bayesian Model for Hep-2 Cell Image Classification

Ensafi, Shahab ;   Lu, Shijian ;   Kassim, Ashraf ;   Tan, Chew Lim

Tags Computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD)Blind source separation & Dictionary learningPattern recognition and classification

This paper studies automated classification of Human Epithelial Type-2 (HEp-2) cell images which is essential in diagnosing the Autoimmune...

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